YUNGBLUD - acting like that (Official Music Video)


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    Who’s that knocking at 4 in the morning
    Cause it don’t rain but tonight its pourin
    You like it more when I ignore it (you like it yeah)
    And since I left, LA got boring (Since I’ve been gone)
    I’m back on my bull shit
    You’re a libra I’m a Taurus
    Heard you hooked back up with your ex
    And now you’re asleep on my doorstep
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I don’t want to talk right now
    You’re asleep outside my house
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I heard it today you got on a plane to another state
    I think im ok
    Never gonna change my mind
    Never gonna change my mind
    And I don’t think today is the last time that the bright lights hit the dark side
    I can see that look in your eyes
    I can see that look in your eyes
    Now I can’t sleep I’m all alone
    And what we reaped is what we’ve sown
    So can we meet somewhere in the middle
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I don’t want to talk right now
    You’re asleep outside my house
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I’m goin out my head
    I fell in love again
    And I know that you’ll forget me in the morning
    when you are gonna again
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I don’t want to talk right now
    You’re asleep outside my house
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    Executive Producer: Ross Anderson
    Directors: Dominic Harrison, Gavin Gottlich & Ross Anderson
    UK Producer: Samin Saadat
    Production Company: FEUD Creative, a Mr Anderson Limited Company
    US Producer: Mike Dones
    #Yungblud #MachineGunKelly #ActingLikeThat

    Апублікавана 2 месяцы таму


    1. Pog

      I love how british YUNGBLUD sounds, as it is quite rare for me to hear british artists, except wilbur soot

    2. GoByahero Plus Adventures

      hit like if you came here for Travis Barker!!!!

    3. Ariana Febus

      my sis is a Taurus and I'm a Libra Lol btw i love you

    4. Alison Keement

      Can we just make another party monster movie please with them

    5. Viviana M Serrano

      I love ❤️ you

    6. Justin Cunningham


    7. Dan THEman

      from the nostalgic stranger to emo nation these comments go out to all the emo cluster fuck ball of energy fuckboys and bad girls I love every single one of you and this band

    8. Dan THEman

      okay LOL but thanks for letting me vent.

    9. Dan THEman


    10. Dan THEman

      now the vibe changed to nostalgia umm actually no it was always nostalgia

    11. Dan THEman


    12. Dan THEman

      I mean idk I thought it was funny

    13. Dan THEman

      lol its funny cause it sounds like something id say when im drunk and super tipsy

    14. Dan THEman

      hey did anyone else laugh at when his echo said YOU LIKE IT YAHH heres the link 1:20 >> LMFAO

    15. Makana Fivella

      Imagine hearing yur neighbors emo 13, nearly 14 y/o listening to this at 11 and night while jumping around her room and vibing. Your neighbors kid is me.

    16. Sofia Pozo

      LOVE 🖤

    17. BigusDickus

      lol what the fuck is that shit intro. quit trying to make a movie

    18. Prog music

      This is PUNKTRAP

    19. Aurah4k

      how hasn't this blown up already

    20. Sebastian de Kansky

      so bad this shit gonna age so bad

    21. FatTurtle

      Why on kris jenners fake whale lips did i think they were singing about each other ,fml🤦‍♀️

    22. Yeetus Yeetus420

      The intro scene implies that brittish people and zombies aren't that far away from each other

    23. tina froese

      They should make a song with Tyler Posey.

    24. Xadres Gg Sans WotBitz

      Aquí no Ms sveo un comentario en español xd

      1. Xadres Gg Sans WotBitz

        @Guiomar _Temprano_ hola

      2. Guiomar _Temprano_


    25. Zack Billman

      Why does it look like Yungblud is always taking a bite out of a huge tomato 🍅 when he does mouth gestures in his songs?

    26. isabelli


    27. isabelli

      perfeito te amo dms

    28. isabelli

      lindo te amo mt

    29. Maya Every

      im honestly SO HAPPY for abby

    30. Random Person

      I love this song so much

    31. Nina xkh

      Me, a Taurus getting cheating on by my ex, a Libra with his ex 👁👄👁

    32. Shannon Dunn


    33. Abigail Carthy

      I can't believe I'm going to see him this year

      1. grace cooper

        Lucky one

    34. Jo 74

      you defo are Dom

    35. More cookies 4ME

      They should start a band

    36. ・dark meii・


    37. Damien Chouchane

      Dominic Harrison IS the grate!!!st genius of this fuckin' century . Hes awesomely gifted like noone else. Love yaaaa!

    38. FilmB A

      lmao I was supposed to be in this video

    39. Shunchan

      I can't get this song out of my head like I was bitten by a zombie

    40. Oliver Knight

      I love MGK referencing himself with "I fell in love again", following his "I swear to god, i'll never fall in love" from "my ex's best friend"

    41. Tushar Dewangan

      Man this song is fkin underrated

    42. Yaydelex Pérez Santos

      P*nch*s canciones espectaculares. Dom es arte 😍

    43. TOETAPPER11

      metro station ?????

    44. Areo Bunny

      The start gives me Shaun of the dead vibes lol

    45. Grace Osborn

      Why do I love him when I'm 10 and he say cuss words

    46. Brittany Kirkland

      high school warped tour vibes on deck

    47. sadboy pizza

      Now if she moves like this, will you move her like that? shake shake shake shake shake it ⚡️

    48. Barbara Mandl

      See yah, later aligator.


      💪🏻 Simply the best! Grazie per le stupende canzoni. 👏🔝Epic!💪

    50. Lee Mccaffrey

      Anyone else think the chorus just sounds like metro stations shake it?

    51. Jessie Costello

      This song goes out to all the hot guys who act like fuckbois and all the girls who act like hoes, cheating isn't ok bro.

    52. Minolta L.

      respect for Yungblood but I will never ever show respect for MGK

    53. Kanashimi

      Fuck the 4k didn't like that

    54. Amin Khan

      Nothing can beat this song

    55. Petra Elek

      this is so fucking dope

    56. Cody Geile

      Don't ask me why this is my 2 year olds favorite song but she loves you guys lmao

    57. Ania Scorobogataya

      Мне нравиться, классный голос у этого блондина👍

    58. Burnin OG

      Kodak Black - Like Dat

    59. __

      You are amazing babe💋💋💋💋💋

    60. yungblud obsession - UNLOCKED


    61. yungblud obsession - UNLOCKED

      in 0:08 it wa playing acting like that in the vehicle

    62. yungblud obsession - UNLOCKED

      3:48 OWAAHHH

    63. Billbo Baggins

      I want my teacher to put this on

    64. 1980sammyd


      1. 1980sammyd

        Omg I don't know the words to describe the song ❤️🤯

    65. Kat gray


    66. Rickay Lopes

      I love you and MGK youngblud ur voice is beautiful 🥰😘😘😘😘

    67. Jessie Costello

      I love this song, especially Yungblud's reaction when he sobers up lol "Holy f***!"

    68. The Knifemaster

      3:13 gotta love that Green Day T shirt

    69. ᴊɪᴍɪ⟭⟬

      *1:37* me: oh shit! taurus twins! (lowkey dont even know if he's a taurus)

    70. ELDAMIANO 17

      Good song ,small views

    71. Khaile Rae

      I need these boys to just stay in the rock genre ♡ Please ♡

    72. María Molina


    73. muhammad bin


    74. { GalacticHuskyZ }

      Me being a libra-

    75. Axl Rose's Son

      This is what rock has come to, trap rock? *face palm* I love rock music and I'm concerned about the current state of rock but out of all styles it had to be trap rock? Really? Autotune trap rock? Im not trying to trash anyone but domyou understand where I'm coming from?

    76. attimp

      terrible poronga

    77. Julie Lawler

      Please promise that if there is a zombie apocalypse you will sing this live just for the occasion😅

    78. Zayn Gula

      I thought its kidd from one piece 😂✌

    79. Chris Sonnenschein

      jake price

    80. Dino_gaming_x _X

      Em so one time there was KSI on newsround when I was watching at school it was about patience his song we Saw I clip and I saw yungblud and I was like LOOOOK AND SOPHIA ITS YUNGBLUD ITS YUNBGBLUD and my test her told me to shut up so I was laughing and I cried with happy tears it was soooo funny

    81. _wade.w

      why does this reminds me of Shake it by Metro Station x)

    82. chloe

      I am a taurus and when I sing this song I can literally sing "I'm a taurus" omg that's amazing lmao 🥰

    83. Kyle Barnes

      MGK couldn't make it as a rapper and switched to punk which died 15 years ago.

    84. Dont Play

      Would have been awsome if they had the spice girls walk off the bus 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    85. TheyLoveCookie

      This video makes me want to hijack a school bus just so i can jump on top of it and jam to this song...

    86. Marcel Bytnar

      i feel like im back in 2008

    87. thevlogerkid

      my moms a libra and im a taurus should i be worried

    88. LsBrigandes

      These comments are so FAKE!

    89. MindSpark09

      Reminds me of shake it by metro station lol

    90. The Khomish

      Metro Station vibe

    91. Amirah Nassir

      Why is no one talking about how good Abby did ?

    92. Tristen Cunningham


    93. Meritedsmile59

      omg this sounds like the 2000s

    94. Dusty Cartoon

      1:00 (for myself)

    95. Despina Tsernou

      Cries in Libra😭

    96. SSDGAMES

      Who else is here cause of KSI

    97. Chroma Kiss by Julia

      I just realized there is a guy with a Green day shirt in the bus, that's cool considering they are pop punk parents! And also used to be kinda rivals with Blink 182 hahaha, cool thing that!

    98. Isayitlikeitis Jones

      so going on multi-day benders and telling women how they should act. This wouldn't be good even if the lyrics were changed

    99. Annie Robinson

      Love your vids keep making on