The Next Chapter...

FaZe Rug

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    I'm excited for this new journey and I hope you all support the decision. Much love
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    1. Makhaya Lewis

      I understand rug

    2. Balistic Ryan

      Bro I support you the whole way I love you faze rug

    3. Caylem Farquhar

      The pickup ball games

    4. omgissphalaza

      poor jarvy

    5. Caylem Farquhar

      Brian is the goat🐐

    6. Caylem Farquhar

      FaZe tattoo is hard Brian!

    7. Caylem Farquhar

      Noah and Brian’s brotherhood🥺🤞

    8. Andres Romero

      i will still suport you a house nothing to be mad about a house is just a house

    9. Caylem Farquhar

      Damn imma miss Rugs old house it was so fuc*ing nice, priorities are that he is happy tho

    10. Caylem Farquhar

      I love you Jarvis and all FaZe members

    11. Owen Swarbrick

      Rug what about the hidden game room what are you doing with that

    12. Caylem Farquhar

      And I love it 😂

    13. wtf Jaz

      This is why I love Bryan😕🥰. He has always been kind damn dude he deserves the world !

    14. Caylem Farquhar


    15. BBRON36

      I like ur paintings

    16. Cecy Lopez

      The only thing I hate is your sirt 🥱

    17. Faranki

      My favorite memory is all the Christmas videos with his family that he filmed there! Only the real ones will remember! I know he will be happy in his new house if he just gives it some time 😊

    18. JORG3 LU1S

      bro bosly fat

    19. Chronic Miko

      Gonna be lit!

    20. Alan Odisho

      Loveeee uuu

    21. My j210

      Noah s date prank obviosly rug

    22. Colton Taylor

      I'll miss the house but it's right for you to move if you need to move

    23. Daniel Henriquez

      Eye on shirt

    24. Celine Litty

      I am going to watch Crimson on Amazon prime

    25. Amber Herc


    26. henok hailu

      It is ok and I hope you have no hate...

    27. sotuur aeei

      Who else just randomly started watching him and now it’s just an every day thing indeed!

    28. Pran Emsrikul


    29. Bayley Stavley

      She has a mustache

    30. Steel

      Papa rug was punching the air

    31. lottie


      1. sotuur aeei


    32. crossbro playz

      Rug! :( 😭😭

    33. Nicole Nichols


    34. Emme Romero

      My favorite memory was when you made a water park that was sick oh wait...

    35. Bentley Rich

      Poor Jarvis 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    36. Senuba Ovitigala

      Why did he say new wife

    37. Ellis

      Personally instead of buying massive houses just for like 2 people buy something of a more reasonable size not too big not too small

    38. Nandhakishore Pillai

      I understand rug

    39. Funnyify


    40. NateNizzle _


    41. Arnold Sewarchanater

      Rug I support u because u we’re always at your parents house because that’s were u feel happy with family.

    42. cowherbunga cowher

      Brian, I’m happy for you and all the success... and I’m glad you are realizing that you aren’t happy living there so that is good that you made the decision to leave and start a new chapter I can’t wait for future vlogs Favorite memory was when you did among us in the house

    43. Scoti'c . .

      Be strong Rug it will be good❤🙏🔥

    44. dramniyas

      Good luck faze rug



    46. David Morales

      I thinks it’s a April fools prank but for the whole month of April just saying

    47. Andrijano M

      You facing iluminat

    48. Ahmad Ahmad


    49. Daz and Wade

      Im so confused why you dont want him to move house like get over yourself you little 11 year old

    50. Caiden Bilotta

      Video idea:die your hair back to black for 24 hours.

    51. fifipopstar


    52. Abdullah Amjad

      We all need a friend like Noah.

    53. CanadianCatDog123

      Why would he even get this house then?

    54. Khan F


    55. Courage Da booz

      Man was renting the house smh😐😐😐

    56. Faming Gaming

      A new house tour woohoo

    57. Landon Grossman

      i understand rug

    58. GOH YU HUNG Moe


    59. YEW Tsz Fung Student

      Hope you enjoy your new house 🥰

    60. adil khaleq

      I will always support you and your family faze rug❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    61. hama hama

      No man its ok i will still suport you i dont care where do you live you will be my idel

    62. Joelle A.

      Love you too Rug!❤

    63. matt

      My faze memory of that house Is when Noah took a big poop while checking the house out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    64. LxbZ

      And after this he is just leaving with his parents again 🤣🤣

    65. John Tahr

      IS triangle with one eye

    66. John Tahr

      Bro what is on your t shirt

    67. Mekaal Ali


    68. David Njenga

      What about his new roommates😪

    69. Mateo

      I respect it

    70. Lilr739

      I thought Bosley was dead

    71. Bella Morgan

      Yeah what is the difference I will support u if you live in a park fr fans r fans ini

    72. Trey Jeorge

      Stfu you bought that house cuz the movie which you probably didn't even buy it

    73. Kathy Wilson

      Noah Bech

    74. GTAV_Mods_PSN urgoingtodie530

      Low key tho we need another haunted tunnel video!!!

    75. GTAV_Mods_PSN urgoingtodie530

      Low key tho we need another haunted tunnel video!!!

    76. GTAV_Mods_PSN urgoingtodie530

      Low key tho we need another haunted tunnel video!!!

    77. Kiara Sanchez d

      I miss the dog pug

    78. Ausey Gameing

      I will still support you i have to support the reason for my favorite g fuel flavor even tho I won't ever understand why you would sell it I just wish I knew you where selling i would love to have a house with a faze basket ball court it's hard finding the right house

    79. Chi Celine

      Wishing you the very best in your next chapter

    80. eskedar_d

      i love faze rug but, i knew he s not the type to live by him self he is too attached to his family.

    81. Trisha Sahad

      its okay brother your happiness come first, i love you ❤️

    82. foopyu nooui

      i'm not crying im JUST TIRED ;( you do you man im here for you im staying in the journey

    83. Aadith Arayan

      I join a year a go

    84. Yt_freav p

      Show your hunted house

    85. Aadith Arayan

      When show the clip were he saas I love it and I love

    86. MeechRebuildz

      Tuff it out rug!

      1. foopyu nooui

        Bro is RUG getting bigger💪

    87. On_other

      hit 30 mil until I'm 20

    88. Viper Hamza

      looking for jsrvis comment


      Rug, as a supporter your happiness comes first! You don't have to explain anything to anyone. Anywhere you pick up that cam your followers/supporters will come along with your journeys!!

    90. Daniel Ibarra

      He’s not the king of BYex but 69 is

    91. Jyoti goyal

      Big fan !!!!🙏🙏

    92. Justin Duran

      I'm gosh counter: 5 or 6 I think 🤔

    93. Quinten Sowle

      Yoo between u and your bro u both sold your houses

    94. Davealicious

      Your dad should rate tiktok girls

    95. Jervon Moore

      The attic room

    96. D4RKN3SS_GAM3R

      Yo faze rug i have a roast i want to roast you just for fun i dont mean it and you really havent got me in ur vids but ones you actually got me so forget that here we go. Oh its kind of like rap. Faze rug ur nose is bigger than ur ant sized body i dont even know how you carry 80 pounds on that small body u say ur in faze but its more like uve been tazed from the way u say. IM IN FAZEEEEEEE. And for all the haters out there...FOR GOD SAKE SHUT UP. At least kaylen is better than u. Lol sos no offence just joke and this is trash soooooo yeahhhhh just throw it. Ur a really cool guy and u spread positive energy so thx for that may your life be extraordinary i wish u reply to this bye faze rug.

    97. Angel Fernandez

      What was the new room that nobody has that you never showed us?

    98. jonathan flores

      If your watching this while you are taking a shit give it a like 👍

    99. Burpees King

      What a trip! I just moved the new owners into this house today!!! Talk about an awesome House!!!

    100. John Santhiapillai

      Bro is RUG getting bigger💪