(SAVOIR FAIRE) Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011 (Passage No°5)


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    1. S Baumgartner

      I knew couture clothes cost up to $50K and hundreds of hours to make, but I am staggered at the expertise, complexity and number of people involved. I can't imagine acquiring these skills... and I'm envious. I agree these people should be publicly recognized far more. Did you see where they are so confident in their cutting that at times two people are cutting the fabric at the same time and they meet in the middle? Or how heavy a garment can be that one person is holding it while another is sewing it? I know it would be very dangerous to put me in one of these rooms with a pair of scissors in my hand!

    2. Alaska Cosplay

      If I ever make my dream Butterfly gown, its gonna be a lot longer since its gonna be done a lot slower since Im doing it all myself to fit me. Lots of hand beaded details on the skirt and using historical and modern detail methods to even make the butterflies beaded on the skirt and sleeves and Im not even a haute couture brand or haute couture designer.

    3. Abir Ben Chaouech عبير بن الشاوش

      Passion for excellence ❤️

    4. Dean Cera

      Quite a lot of thought was put into this "fashion film" congratulations to the company and editor.

    5. Renáta Kovács

      It was great!!

    6. rosilde Mathias

      😍❤️👏🏼👏🏼amo costurar, como seria um sonho participar com vcs., lindo de se ver, belíssimo trabalho da equipe ! 💯

    7. Koslita77

      I can make that dress faster and without all that crap steps, but, they have to justified the price, and employees like me working for designers got almost the minimun wage per hour, I used to work for cents, and those clothes were sent to places like New York, Tokio, Palm Springs, and many other stupid buyers who were thinking the great deal they got by wearing an expensive piece of sweat shop factory clothes.

    8. Humanist

      Ridiculous! Too much money, energy and time poured into fashion when the planet is dying and problems like starvation, genocide, human rights abuses, poverty, political corruption, sexual abuse, and mental health crisis are real issues that require resources and energy.

    9. Gradinita Andries

      пипец ... столько работы! наверное стоит дороже чем автомобиль ...

    10. Mohamed Ezawi

      A coat for Spring/ Summer …

    11. Marge719

      amazing work!!

    12. Jana Waw

      Ta trpělivost lidí v tomto oboru je jak se říká k nezaplacení a musí být hodně těžké , když v průběhu nebo v konečné fázi dokončení někde dojde k chybě a musí se začínat znovu...co teprve materiál-najít vždy bez kazů, koupit si ho exkluzivně jen a jen pro svoji kolekci a najít tyto pečlivé a zlaté ruce. Mít nápad je vlastně to nejjednodušší! :-)

    13. Lisa St George

      Wow that was amazing to watch! What artisans! The skill and meticulousness was astounding! Thank you! Thank you for posting and giving a glimpse of this beautiful work!

    14. altar7

      Is it the same team that makes the pieces for the shows and the orders from customers?

    15. Mỹ Ngọc Hồng

      So many pins? What happended if they miss one?? 😂😂😂

    16. Jacqueline Ramos

      Gracias, por mostrar como hacen tan bellas creaciones en la alta costura...¡¡¡¡Cuanta gente involucrada!!!

    17. Thanos BNP

      review my last pic! instagram.com/p/CRCS9GxL9oD/?

    18. LEGACY64


    19. Edd M

      Whoever the guys are in this video...I'd love to know what is wrong with any of us growing up into creating clothing yet those that worship gold like trump or the pope...have to almost walk over any of us...yet claim to be such caring individuals.

    20. A M

      Marvelous ! Indeed .Such a craftmanship , precision. Epitome of Designing

    21. Belén Muñoz

      ¿Esos vestidos no se tienen que lavar en algún momento? jajajaj perdón la pregunta, quizás es muy tonta, pero me causa intriga jajaj

    22. Siaka Kone


    23. Tamara Ben

      Omg this is crazily amazing 😮😮😮😮

    24. Lhin Doh

      The dress is a dated joke- I cant even finish watching the dress making process here.

    25. TiWanTiWa Abibiman

      I luv that they released this longer version with the detailed explanations for this one iconic coat/dress! I swear I want to pin prick the narrator every time she calls the dress forms a dummy! Just sayin... LOL! It's one of my small peeves in the workroom or when some students in our bootcamp call them dummies instead of dress forms or pronounce muslin Muslims...

    26. Alexandria Perel

      I want to know what fabric the toile is made from. It looks like muslin but maybe bleached?

    27. Martha T

      That is absolutely beautiful. Perfect stitch.

    28. Maureen O'Brien


    29. ggong TV nabi&

      Total Art.

    30. diego polo


    31. houssin berani


    32. Soy Sauce

      Haute Couture is indeed art, which is why I love videos like this because it reminds us of the work and dedication that goes into haute couture.

    33. designer em moda

      ESPETÁCULO DE APRENDIZAGEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBRIGADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    34. designer em moda

      Por isso que o valor da peça é o olho da cara kkkkk . A complexidade e várias pessoas envolvidas.

    35. designer em moda

      Muitas pessoas envolvidas numa única peça só. Pra ver o tamanho da complexidade quando se fala em: modelagem e costura. Além da perfeição!!!

    36. designer em moda

      Todos com Jaleco. Chique demais!

    37. Taylay Wic

      wow! so cool


      Do they hire dressmakers with sweaty hands???


      I wonder if the designer can sew, cut patterns or even put a thread in the machine....🤔🤔

    40. Ronald Goulart


    41. Ronald Goulart


    42. wulfhindukeìùnà

      Her My land isn’t me 😍

    43. nola wilson

      there are people dying and starving in this world ...how shallow is this ...spend the money on a cure for cancer ...

    44. Sonia 19


    45. Sarah Mokhtar

      ياريت المهارات دى نتعلمها فى مصر محتاجين معاهد فنية لتعليم الحرفيين من الخياطين لتنفيذ التصاميم بدقة متناهية طبعا غير احتياجنا للكليات لتعليم تصميم الازياء وادارة العمل اذا اردنا نتحول لدولة مصنعة للملابس محتاجين نكمل ادوتنا غير تطوير مصانع الغزل والنسيج وربطها بالتكنولوجيا الحديثة

    46. RoshinKoshy

      i learned one thing from this...... how basting is very important in order to sew with perfection ....... and to have lots and lots pf patience.........

      1. Kelvin Peters

        Yes a lot of patience and skills

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    48. Brianda E. Sosa

      The Dior company is not Christian Dior elegant style anymore. Are they dressing clowns or beautiful and exquisite women.

    49. Roodee

      Tomorrow i'll put 8 rings minimum on my hand..


      Is wrong to say watching this I almost came in my pants? 😱 Clothes made like this is like making love.. such perfection. I cried happy tears.. shame it’s only 55 mins.. 😞

    51. GE FEEDBACK ge

      The tawdry gazelle exemplarily handle because brazil speculatively place times a useless raincoat. strange, miscreant oil

    52. C M

      Amazing! So hard to put into words. The creativity, art, talent...absolutely flawless.

    53. micheline bourget

      Travail admirable !

    54. Arta Latifi


    55. mariepol santos

      so, are the dressmakers paid by project or paid per hour? and in an estimate, how much are they being paid?

    56. Goliath Sinatra

      I seen that at my local thrift store I didn’t know Dior was a name brand. I’m more familiar with clothes from Sears and JC Penny.

    57. Leah lee

      If i could afford it,i would only, wear Haute Couture

    58. ВЕРА Govorova


    59. Adissa Premia

      this is why it is expensive. okay I'll shut up.

    60. Just Cade

      Now think about the fact that they put just as much, if not more work into 31 other looks for this collection. They finish the collection, take a very short break, and start working on the next one. The ateliers are some of the hardest working people in the world.

    61. 15nanoseconds

      Help! I keep hearing a word that sounds like "fye" but I can't figure out what part of the garment this is. Also, was this coat archived or sold and if so, to whom?

    62. chicagodos

      This is fascinating to watch. I am surprised at the amount of jewelry worn by the dressmakers. I would be afraid of snagging the fabrics.

    63. Ms. Encyclopedia Brown

      The way the model cuts the corner...*gasping for air* 😍

    64. Anneuline Colbeck

      So the "artist" aka the designer doesn't even come check in?

      1. Nikolai Salvador

        It is not showm but John Galliano is very meticulous about his collections

    65. Butterfly mo

      I hope these tailors are paid decent salaries . Well at last 7k euros a month

    66. marilyn bables

      Fabulous! I want it! Master craftsmanship!

    67. Evie O'Donnell

      At the end the dress was the best dress I have ever seen

      1. Kelvin Peters

        Hi Evie the dress is beautiful

    68. Aichi Toshiki

      Absolutely beautiful ❤

    69. Nusaibah Ibraheem

      I was wondering what fabric they use to drape, the dressmaker said its tarlatan muslin which is like gauze. I used to think it was organdy. Which is basically cotton organza.

    70. Sarea Fancy

      Awesome. I love this vid.. The fashion luxury stuff. I defenitely recommend myluxurylife.net Really great quality and lowest price I have ever seen.

    71. Fitness mum


    72. inter serve

      hi i have a bra projects. i would like to know if you can make me the time of bra i want to product. let me know so i can send you the designs of the bra and talk price to produce one look forward to hear from you soon

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    74. Екатерина Katrin

      А потом Анастасия Ракова в таком костюме просит 30 тыс. на лечение детей. С жалобными глазками. Кто из России, тот поймет. Костюм шикарен! Швейные мастера - настоящие профессионалы!

    75. GMC 21

      c'est magnifique !!!

    76. I.O'Dell

      Amazing work. I wonder what the total weight of it was. Where would someone wear that? Not appropriate for Walmart, just saying.

    77. Khushbu Verma

      hello can you tell me about layers and ham stitch

    78. Stylz Go Hard LLC.

      SKILLZ🔥🔥🔥 BABY !!¡¡

    79. Wooly Wonders

      I don’t understand why designer is not more involved in actually making the items, he just delegates....... making the clothes is part of the fun isn’t it?

      1. Nikolai Salvador

        The designer has a lot of things to do than just design the clothes. The designer provides the vision and the last approval of the enactment of his vision. He does a lot of business to do under the brand. For John Galliano, he showcases 4 shows, 2 regular seasons and 2 haute coutures and sometimes there are resort and men's shows. He's a very busy man.

      2. Nusaibah Ibraheem

        The higher you go, the less labor you do. Or less of the fun part.

    80. Christian Hernandez

      why is his head so shiny 23:50

    81. Arieromocram

      That's why I stopped to make haute couture. The clients can't imagine how many hours you have to expend and how many nightmares you have until the finishing of a dress... They think the price sould be near of a ready to wear one... Even sometimes they can't recognize the difference between silk and polyester... I stopped because i felt i was giving pearls to piggs. But of course this was my life... I would be happy to live for ever in-between fabrics and needles... Congratulations to the documentary and to all the workers who can make all this possible. I THINK JOHN GALLIANO IS THE MOST INTELLIGENT AND VISIONARY DESIGNER OF THE END OF XX CENTURY AND THE BEGINNING OF XXI. It was a pity how all the vultures putted him away... "murdering" him. THE REMOVAL OF JONH GALLIANO AND ALEXANDER MC'QUEEN DEATH WERE THE BIG LOSS TO XXI CENTURY FASHION HISTORY.

    82. Sueellen Blubaugh

      That is without a doubt the most amazing thing I've ever watched 100 k for a dress now I get it !

    83. Kim Dee

      Lord, if I only had a Design Team & sizable budget! Walter Mitty Design Dream! #designerlife #ginavondee ⚘

    84. Saliqa Mag


    85. Наталья Конева

      Такой стройной хрупкой девушке носить платье тяжело. Сколько килограммов весит такой шедевр?

    86. ikbelmetmaartje

    87. Midnight_ Bellatrix

      Nobody : Not even a germ: Not even a soul: Me : * 10 years old already wants to become a designer and details every single part of the dress and imagines it as if I would of made it and the changes I’ve done to them *

    88. Alyssa Hunter

      И забыть там где-нибудь внутри пару булавок.... Ужас и кошмар. Страшный сон портного.🤣

    89. Kamel Kafi

      An masterpiece.

    90. Brad Wolf

      Ich besaß DOVO Solingen. - Eugene Kwok

    91. Brad Wolf

      Je suis le roi de la France. - Eugene Kwok

    92. Brad Wolf

      I own Saint Laurent. - Eugene Kwok

    93. Brad Wolf


    94. Brad Wolf

      Savwarfehr[替 (製造) 你睇]。

    95. Valeria Vincent-Sancisi

      looks as if walking from a Venetian salon a few centuries ago..

      1. Kelvin Peters

        Absolutely beautiful

    96. Claude Thibault

      Merci pour cette vidéo de rêve. C'est juste magnifique. Belle journée à vous tous .

    97. Аза Зарубина

      true masters are the true treasure of our planet

    98. Sanae Lahgazi- Alaou

      Wow so basically the designer gets to imagine up anything and then dozens of people work tirelessly to make it happen.... wait who is the true artist here!

    99. Luis Ventura

      I love how the narrator's voice got tense too at the end. I was sweating

    100. Zyanno FashionDoll

      Wonderful job. Dedication and talent. Congratulations!