NatGeo Rubik's Cube Commercial

Siddharth Shah

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    *not original video

    Original video :
    but it is not available for watching in India, so i uploaded it !!

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    1. BaSa

      just cube with greenscreen

    2. Khánh Duy Lê Văn

      0:37 khịa Maradona vl :))

    3. The Wizard Gaming

      Fun fact:This guy is a true speedcuber

    4. Ayesha Naweed

      The actual colour of that cube:green green green green green green

    5. Lexi Nguyen

      Mé:))) ảo dị

    6. Qais Abunabbout


    7. マリオ

      Plot twist: Time-lapse video

    8. Esteban Rivera


    9. Anton Louis

      0:03 0:09 0:13 0:19 0:22 0:25 0:29 0:32 0:33 0:37 0:40 0:44 0:48 0:52 1:00

    10. bababoi

      Burh I thought he is gonna tech how to solve mirror cube

    11. MTGjumper

      I'm the guy in the video, so I thought I'd clear up a few misconceptions and give some more info. This advert was shot eight years ago, so I might be misremembering some details. - The images are made up of printed stickers, not green screens, except for the challenger disaster and the hand of god. - Since actual stickers were used, lots of different cubes were required. I think there were about eight in total. You can see a cut at about 20 seconds, but there were lots of other cuts as well. - At 44 seconds, with the button, you can see my hand leaving the frame while pointing. The intention was that my finger would be shown hovering over the button, but in the end they zoomed in more so my finger can't really be seen. - To help spin the cube at the end, we drilled a small indentation in the table. The table was very glossy, so this was impossible otherwise. - Some of the fingertricks are different from what I'd normally use since the directors wanted to make sure as much of the cube was visible as possible. - The cubes were all Dayan Zhanchis. If you have any more questions, let me know.

      1. Sahasra Kondapalli

        Thanks for the info!

    12. Red Boba

      Orrrr the 80’s will be the 90’s and everything that happened in the 80’s will happen in the 90’s

    13. Edward

      teacher: the test isn't that confousing the test:

    14. pawpawsbboy

      0:43 is it just me or is it good that he didn’t press that button?

    15. 没有

      youtube:we have good algorithm to suggest vid also youtube : dis guy is showing green rubiks :/// hmmmm. we MUST suggest dis vid!

    16. SAM THE PRO

      Tô be honest i could live without the fake hand of god

    17. Spy l Glitch

      whn the foot ball scene thn i came to know tht it was edited

    18. RouZe

      wow so i coulda died but that dude didn’t press the button

    19. hai jxxob

      very cool

    20. Luke Sun

      let's all appreciate that he used proper finger tricks

      1. HyugaX Ch.

        Yep, unless if you cube is stiff so you have to turn it with wrist turns

    21. 장민준

      1:25 CG

    22. Jojo Smith

      Rubiks cube

    23. ItsFenella

      Coming soon is never coming soon. get it?

    24. SiduMonto

      LOL YOUR NAME my name is Siddhartha xd

    25. Quran reader

      very nice

    26. cauut mientay


    27. GamingwithAlwyn


    28. Archie's Tutorials

      Did you steal this video?

    29. c M

      Something about this six sided cube doesn't add up 🤔

    30. Team C P H

      Great vid!

    31. Silverstar Studios

      Yes a commercial with other commercials in it.........

    32. MuteENT

      Who got this reccomened after 7 years

    33. BlueXtrev212

      I legit got a nat geo ad

    34. Alejandro Narváez

      I like how he solved the green side, then proceed to solve the green layer and finalize solving the green face, Amazing!

    35. CreeperHead

      0:20 anybody see rick?

    36. Hriday Lilani



      Why is that not a real cube

    38. Antonio Zhang

      The editor did a nice job with that green screen Wait, 12 years ago!!!

    39. kidokie

      i thoguth this was in 2018

    40. Sudman _VN

      nice finger tricks

    41. FARI

      croma key

    42. I love You

      I don't wanna know about 80s I wanna know,How the hack this is in my recommendation after 7 years?

    43. lexisaunh

      Who else at the end got a National Geographic ad?

    44. Qply

      If i knew what 2020 would be like i wouldve pushed the red button

    45. Bee

      I skipped an ad to watch this

    46. Enjoyable Art Gallery By Maanvik Jain

      Omg this video has more than a million views

    47. adan75

      now make it with stickerless cube

      1. adan75

        @Ashton McGillivray oh

      2. Ashton McGillivray

        @adan75 Its not the entire stickerless cube, it just has green stickers, making it easier to edit. If the cube was just green, the editing would be a touch more difficult

      3. adan75

        @Ashton McGillivray what if the entire stickerless cube was green?

      4. Ashton McGillivray

        There wasnt stickers on the cube, it was just video editing

    48. minh Ngyễn quang

      How did you buy that rubic

    49. Die zombie Dude!!!

      This was made with stop motion, dat epic

    50. adrian rifky

      Green screen rubiks

    51. Darkyper

      It took me a while to realize the cube was green and it was a green cube this whole time

    52. Alana Xoinga

      Green screen

    53. STAR X MARCO

      2021 :v

    54. PetRisTer One

      Круто да? Это же грин скрин?

    55. Edell Leiva

      That doesn't make sense....

    56. Itachi uchiha

      Aad ho to asa

    57. Duke Homer S. Camon

      I mistook something at 00:13

    58. _ F R O S T Y _

      найс монтаж

    59. Mesut Kağan Sevimli

      was it is a add of national geographic ?

    60. Samantha Faulkner

      80s woooohoooo I’m on television 30s what’s television

    61. Levi

      This should be in your recommendation

    62. Baolong Trab

      The slice moves are clean

    63. TaoHai Khan

      14m on a green screen commercial

    64. José María Troncoso valdez

      I did not understand nor handles because I do not speak English xd I use a translator but what a good video

    65. José María Troncoso valdez

      no entendi ni mangos por que no se ablar ingles xd uso traductor pero que buen video

    66. Sanjida Sharmin

      Who is watching this in 2021 👇

    67. I made this account to post my roblox issue

      I’ve come back to this video once a month for a year and a half and at this point it’s just tradition

    68. Dylan_SK8

      Hand of god VAMOS ARGENTINAAAA

    69. Mélissa Mailhot


    70. Dr neo Cortex


    71. Cubik -JustSolve&Patterns

      Good, now i dont have to study for my history exam tommorow. Wish me luck.

    72. Beefy Stew


    73. Mudit Malik

    74. Aarna Sethi

      Great video

    75. belinda jabson

      10987654 ignison 321 blate offfffffd

    76. Sleepy Snapbody

      and this is how you make a good commercial that people would be willing to watch 8 years later

    77. Hesesle

      Green screen :D

    78. chrisp

      w-why is this recommended to me

    79. Théo Godding

      So cool

    80. Cytion die

      Dude I love how they made a whole commercial with just rubiks cube and edit it look so good

    81. dumedume269

      "You would have seen a moonwalk, but not the moonwalk, or the hand of god. Germany would still be in 2 halves, *And if a Russian officer named Stanislav Petrov had pressed that button, we wouldn't exist at all.* "

    82. arjun best

      Hello hello

    83. RebootXroblox

      Am now satisfied

    84. Roshan mishra

      Green screen

    85. Egg eg tension Plz sub

      I like chese

    86. Randy Johnson

      Did I have a stroke 🤣

    87. Sr Drico

      lol, chroma key

    88. Adrito Adhikari


    89. Kelly Donnelly


    90. Let's have fun

      Bruh, a commercial on recommended worst thing possible

    91. Tùng Nguyễn Lương

      I want a full cover of Walk This Way.

    92. Justoad

      Without the 80's, you wouldn't know what a Rickroll is

    93. dimandcat -


    94. Nesya_Anggen sdkpaskal


    95. Minecraft Official

      When i think of the 80's i think if Rick Astley

    96. TheLost_

      Chroma Key

    97. God

      Imagine if the officer pressed the button I wouldn’t even be here talking

    98. Kung williams


    99. Gael

      Well it's my first time actually watching an ad.

    100. SUPER DUPER

      After 7 year youtube recommend me