Lukashenko: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


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    John Oliver discusses the longtime leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and the many reasons his country’s citizens have not to like him.

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    Апублікавана 11 дзён таму


    1. SincerelyYour BeautifulNightmare

      You know what? I would honestly love to see our favourite Zazu cover underrepresentation of democratic citizens in what are considered to be highly republican states such as Texas and Florida, despite the fact that Texas is a largely democratic community in large cities such as Houston which can have a more mixed populous. I'd like to see him talk about how making dead horse jokes about how shitty states like Florida are, actually harms the chance of them becoming more openly democratic. I'd like to hear him talk about the poc communities in these states, and how they're hurt by the republican stereotypes too. Because honestly, and honestly. Hearing these jokes from my favourite octopus-loving pelican bait used to be funny, but as a democratic Floridian citizen from birth, now it just kind of hurts.

    2. B SP

      John Oliver is really funny and his show is amusing but he is sometimes extremely misleading.. His episode on the way black people are treated in hospitals was met with a lot of criticism and incredulity from tthe medical enterprise

    3. Raymundo Veracustolaslambaway

      Cakes out was a great way to make a point. We should see the evil of the world. We shouldn’t have to simply imagine it. We imagine enough to be disconnected from reality

    4. boleczzz

      Old psycho addicted to power for nearly 30 years... enough is enough! Hang in there people of Belarus!

    5. Nathan Thanatos

      that bit about insulting people..... kinda the same vibe as the soviet joke punchline; "I, too, can stand in front of the Kremlin and say 'Fuck Ronald Reagan' and not be punished"

    6. James

      The only problem with this show is they make too few episodes. Give us more!

    7. foyazz rushdie

      We love our president in Ukraine typically western Propaganda... I am glad West Europa gets destroyed by Islam

    8. O Mada

      The typical dugout operationally squash because top ontogenically depend regarding a ancient cd. ultra, exciting exclusive clutch

    9. Unicron187

      lukashenko is not the last dictator of europe, putin is (as putin is the sole reason lukashenko is still in power)...

    10. Adam the Third

      See. Why can't America invade these guys and fix the democracy there?

    11. Sergio L

      3k of lukashenko supporters downvoted this video

    12. Chongma Allen Chang

      Of all the late shows John Oliver is undoubtedly the best.. his show should be aired every night.

    13. gioyu comi

      The cake was absolutely necessary in the name of journalism, john.

    14. Claes Bergqvist

      "A journalist who was critical to the goverment"... also took his kalashnikov and head of with his nazi fellows in the batallion Azov to fight in the east Ukraina. By the way´s Craig and Julian ?

    15. Sean Murphy

      Ha you're old now

    16. donnamariedemaio

      My sweet little 🐻 arrived today! Belarus has suffered so much for so long. It's time the people are heard and are allowed vote for their leaders. #DemocracyForBelarus #SupportBelarus #BelarusBearForce

      1. gioyu comi

        Belarus should merge with Russia.

    17. Наталья Нео

      That’s just great!! Thank you! Please help free Belarus!🙏❤️

    18. Tony Parks

      Donald Trump just got to move and he can control control control control control control control control one term two term three term

    19. Philip Grice

      Come on John. Lukashenko may have been a self admitted Dictator but he's not as awful as our very own, wannabe Dictator for Life, Trumpashenko.

    20. 3D

      Seagal is such a turd. He hasn't made a decent movie since he left the CIA/FBI/ NSA / Navy Seals in 1987.

    21. Drnknmnky

      80% what an Amateur Kadyrov got 99% xD

    22. kapambwe kapambwe

      I thought Africa was the only place with power thirsty dictators that never want to step down.

    23. rinat latypov

      I’m so glad you touched this topic! The only think you missed out, is that the women in opposition who’s husbanded got arrested was not alone, there were two other women with the same exact situation working with her. Those three women won the actual national election with over 80% of people supporting them. Insanely brave.

    24. Velerios

      Sorry John Oliver, but you are anxious not to get sold 10.000 of them? Even 100.000 would not be enough!

    25. Walhbert H.

      That half-hearted applause after the Michael Jackson joke says things about that audience.

    26. Kyle Brock

      Faux News needs this clown!

    27. Kyle Brock

      Vote Putin often comrade!

    28. leow193

      No show this week ?

    29. Somtirth Chaudhuri

      Belarus should merge with Russia.

    30. Maeve Fitzgerald

      Well, bears are sold out

    31. Trylica

      none of it is funny

    32. Justitia -Politik und Meinungsvideos

      wait... something is off.... Where is the void? And who is making this weird sound in the background? I am not sure if I can get use to this new format.

    33. Nino Belov

      PCR test was not made for covid-19 virus and it shows a positive results if a person is infected with cold or flu virus so only 10% of people with positive PCR tests are infected with covid-19 virus which was created in US lab and released in China and all over the world. Covid-19 is a DEEP STATE project and ofcourse all people who realize that are attacked and their statements took out of the context. You spread a Deep State fake propaganda.

    34. Liberty Country

      Lukashenko has suppressed any dissent in Belarus for the last 27 years. Even killed! Various activists, political figures, or just independent journalists, dismissed ministers were killed: Gonchar, Zakharenko, Karpenko, Zavadsky and many others... Many had to run for their lives! Including flight to the USA, Western Europe! You must not forget about it. All information is available on the internet in russian. Google translator will help you!

    35. Magido89

      Am I the only one who preferred the show without the obnoxious audience that obviously laughs at command?

    36. Aaron Seet

      Steven Segal's *Eat The Carrot* Will pay good money to watch.

    37. xxxxmimi

      i like the idea of buying teddy bears to help democracy of Belarus but… exactly how does it help the cause?… It’s a country with a absolute dictator… whats the money gonna do?

    38. The lover of Believer

      Do something similar about Modi!

      1. Waldemar Marwalde

        He did. Have you tried using the search function?

    39. DR tea

      "It feels like shit" 2021 colorised

    40. hamed manoochehri

      So ironic. Ppl of the audience are the same who cheer for AOC whose obviously a female version of this dictator.

    41. Madhu Asopa

      Love form India 🇮🇳 Plz Sir add subtitles also .

    42. Dr. Lingua TV

      I talked to a communist in my age 2000 Maan he said he is good and we are from Europe so wtf

    43. T Song

      Imagine if he use Winnie the Pooh, that would twist the message xD

    44. ian wong

      if this guy can hang a dissident in another country while jogging, i think oliver needs to beef up his security after this video.

    45. Justin Case

      Belarus actually managed COVID well. Spot testing and ample covid test centers ensured they still have one of the lowest COVID counts in Europe. Say whatever, you cannot blame former Soviet blocks for not doing well medically. ;)

    46. Adrian Cristopher Cardino

      He was like the original 'Evil' Morty 😲

    47. Thomas Kositzki

      13:25 onwards: The guy who was found hanged certainly didn't commit suicide. It was in the media here in Germany at the time. His fellow dissidents and him were currently planning further resistance from Ukraine. He had plans for the next days, he was not depressed, he had a goal and purpose in life, he had friends. Nothng that hints at suicidal tendencies. You can assume that the Belarussian KGB (yes it is still named like that) ended that guy.

    48. lucian boar

      Reckless handling of the pandemic, yet the numbers are no worse than in other countries

    49. Apryl Rittenhouse

      Should change the name to two weeks ago the night before last night. This doorknob gets more vacation time then anyone i know he went to the lindsey lohann school of how to be a star. Im sorry im through. Find another sucker to watch your drivel. Ill be watching lewis black

    50. Vasco Simoes

      maybe this is all true....but dont forget, in the other side there are neo nazis....supported by ukrainian nazi government.....they have train camps and they kill innocent people from Lugansk and Crimea....

      1. Vasco Simoes

        the big red flag you see in your show, its a nazi Belarus flag used by the puppet government in the occupied Belarus during should tell people about these things too, not only about Lukashenko

    51. Joseph Mort

      How much of HBO's money is John Oliver allowed to spend?

    52. Darrell Hambley

      OK, it's sep 21 and the bears are out of stock. MORE BEARS JOHN!

    53. Lord Demonoss

      I thought the Ken doll had no ass 🤣

    54. K H

      I know you're just having fun and I'm being a wet blanket... but dropping trash from the sky is actually a really terrible idea for the environment. Balloons are a good example.

    55. Thelonius Punk

      Lukashenko is good

    56. Evan G

      Audience and the unnecessary clapping are back yay

    57. Dre Shoe Cooking

      The trashy decision corroboratively wave because belt oppositely carve in a efficient clef. languid, gorgeous steven

    58. Ken Wells

      Let's have your team cover the slave trade at the southern border.

    59. Fadi Albouni

      If you told me all the photos shown of lukashenko were dr phill I’d believe it

    60. Monki

      Welp I realized that the location of Belarus was wrong but was way off on my guess to where it actually was 😂

    61. Llynnyia

      Please do an episode on the TX bs abortion ban, with actual scientific facts.

    62. Pumfee Thermodynamics

      Lukashenko bad, but the "democratic opposition" protests even worse. The democratic opposition is pro-west and socially far-right.

    63. Mike Robidoux

      Sold out of 10,000 bears in less than a week. Dammit.

    64. Valya

      Thank you so much for talking about the situation in my home country! Belarusians appreciate it very much!

    65. Makdaddy357

      Backward regimes of Putin's psycho friends, with Iran and venezuela...all failed states

    66. Verbal Kent

      Michael jackson wasn't a monster.....Oh I forgot that John Oliver works for HBO. Corporate liberal shills have to stay in line.

    67. Natalie Andrew

      God the feeling of hearing the background laughter and reaction makes it so much more lively

    68. Francisco Giovanny Becerra

      CAN YOU MAKE A EPISODE ABOUT BIDEN THE DICTATOR or you can't your boss won't let you??????????

    69. Elise Fyhrie

      John seems giddy having an audience again

    70. Tim Cirulis

      Mad TV predicted the future having Will Sasso in his fat days playing Steven Seagal. Lol

    71. Nahualrite m8

      "Lukashenko's terrible handling of the pandemic" Belarus: a country that had a fifth of the deaths/million the US had. Oliver can't seem to look beyond his studio wall

    72. Anny B

      Mad props to the nude journalist. I could, literally, not have visualised it because I have aphantasia so I can't visualise *anything*, and I would have been perfectly happy with never having the image ever. I still appreciate the dedication, whether it was to journalism or something else entirely, as it really shows how utterly demeaning that treatment is.

    73. Hoswendt

      Жыве Беларусь! 🤍❤️🤍

    74. Drew L

      Wow, another tyrant who was voted in on a platform of "tax the rich". Imagine my shock

    75. Юрий Чумаков

      you know what, Lukashenko is a great guy that has been managing Belorussia in almost unmanageable conditions for so long. Go on, tell me I am payrolled.

    76. aola wili

      The cake was absolutely necessary in the name of journalism, john.

    77. Steinar Brevik Knudsen

      And USA?.....The most corrupt land in the world....CIA finances resistance groups in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia ... from right-wing radical Poland ... Last Week works also for CIA...US? USA have never been democratic!

    78. Nightcrwler197

      French uk us au diplomatic pbs pls talk bout it

    79. Seth Dybiec

      I got a bear...

    80. Maria Koohi

      Can we get a similar piece on Iran? Though things are not really any different here, I'm still willing to see John talk about us.

      1. aola wili

        Respect! ⚪🔴⚪

    81. typical 14 year old boy

      He is not funny

    82. Jonathan Santos

      When are you speaking about the OPCW leaks?

    83. Filip Skotnica

      Time for *UN* to start paradropping more than just *"teddy bears"* for them. How about some *humanitarian M4 rifles* ? In many countries the population often doesn't have the will to fight - in Belarus this is *NOT* the case. Well spoken John. The US should do it. Oh wait, the U.S. gave them all to Taliban... (but for real though, this would work)

    84. KsuLaki

      thank you so much from Belarus!

    85. Paul Dacus

      12:30 This is GOLD

    86. rafael delrio

      Bro he said do u see any Covid here 😭

    87. Manjina Ba

      Lukashenkaah - Oliver


    89. Jeffrey Lebowski

      Cakes out in the cold reporter guy has me dying out here 😂

    90. Lizard King

      He looks like a butler about to be accused of murdering a debutante with a paperknife in the billiards room :/

    91. Hito157

      The laugh track is distracting now.

    92. Magic Pen

      Respect! ⚪🔴⚪

    93. Techie Time With GD Three

      And there is likely nothing anyone can do about Lukashenko, sort of like there’s nothing anyone can do about our “two” party system, aka one party corporate rule. Not saying the US is worse or as bad but I’m just saying.