Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV


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    Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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    Апублікавана 11 дзён таму


    1. MTV

      Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:

      1. HSH

        @Mariah Campbell agreed

      2. Savannah Yemane

        Wow she did that!! Go Chole!!

      3. Uriel Falcão

        can someone tell me the name of the intro of this song?

      4. P Kitty

        @Dee MER Well thank you for pointing out something that you absolutely favor 😁🙄

      5. Catalina santana

        @Laura Catha Beyoncé??? Never

    2. Maria Pattison

      Great to know that Chlöe has delivered yet another VMAs performance that I'll have on repeat for the next few months!

    3. krysalious

      I wasn't a fan of the video but this, this was amazing. Made me want to see her in a play she's so damn theatrical and her voiceeeeeeeeeeee it was steady the whole time. Omg. She's amazing. She showed up and showed out fr fr. The only thing I have "negative" to say is that her dancing wasn't strong but you don't even notice because her movements were so big. And her faces were expressive. The ending when she was flailing on the floor. I clutched my pearls so hard. The COMMITMENT. The ENERGY.

    4. Badon Kadonc

      I'd watch Chloe even if she sing with clothes on. I hope JayZ doesn't cheat again🤔 just tired of women not dressing the part.

    5. Tonya Ingram

      Beyoncé jr

    6. EriCutïe

      SHE KILLED THIS PERFORMANCE SOO MUCHH that her tampon string wanted to be fazed by the world too lol

    7. Secsi Mika

      The Queen has taught her well.....I'm impressed

    8. C: Soniah

      This song is addictive

    9. Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel

      I don’t think she sold her soul I think she’s playing it up like she did that’s genius

    10. Rayane Vieira

      So much better that Normani

    11. Crystal Meza

      Am i the only one who thinks it was a lil stiff 😅

    12. Joyrita Mbithe

      The sulky help distinctly load because twilight orally answer a a paltry knot. unarmed, barbarous great-grandmother

    13. Larry z

      Beyoncé Jr.

      1. Gonk


    14. Lic. José Alberto García Ordaz

      Necesito esta canción con esa parte del perreo intenso.

    15. Truth BeTold


    16. Madeline Durand

      Y'all haters so corny with that illuminati mess... Chloe slayed. Period.

    17. Domonique MacKenzie

      Idk if she’s into the genre but I think she would do really well singing symphonic metal.

    18. Tracie Scott

      As she licked the that rona tested?! Just asking for a friend......😏

    19. Melanin King

      She has started for satanism lol 😂

    20. Jennifer Sutton

      She's a great performer. Very entertaining. Amazing vocals. 👍💃

    21. Faheem Johnson

      🤔🗣️I guess she's is the official"Baby Beyonce" after this live performance...👀👀

    22. Valerie C

      I’m always so distracted by Chlöe, I didn’t realized that the boys are statues during the chorus. THIS IS THEATERRRRR I LIVW

    23. LoccDawg420

      Next queen B

    24. Melissa Stephens


    25. Valerie C

      Kid Fury was gassing the performance so I HAD to watch again and get my daily fix.

    26. Many Gods

      Chloe - BEYONCÉ b#%^h , I’m coming for the top spot Beyoncé - bring it h#% !!!!

    27. Shenikta Wise

      Giving Beyoncé vibes

    28. Kee’z MY ASS


    29. Jenn Hawkins

      Not a fan of the song but dang girl! Those moves! Get 'em!!! And what a gorgeous woman!

    30. AJ Treey

      I can’t stop watching this ‼️ it’s like I’m watching Beyoncé when she was 22 dancing just like that ‼️‼️‼️ the energy the vocals everything there’s a reason why Beyoncé is her mentor periodtt 😍😍😍😍❤️

    31. Asta Is A Beast!

      I’m surprised nobody really mentioned how this performance screams Illuminati from the beginning and especially that ending. 3:13-3:53🤦🏽‍♀️ *(Also at the end look at the background dancers as well at the end part 🤨 that I have marked down in my earlier comment!)*

    32. Saga Snow

      Chloe is all we have ever needed wow. Wow. Wow.

    33. Lotus Empress Emerges

      As part of the comments she's recommended not to view.... this looks just like that "initiation" stuff spoken about. Oh well right 🤷🏽‍♀️

    34. Bobbie Howie

      Do your thang girl 🌷

    35. Justandstillk

      Chloe really ate this performance up

    36. Redeemable soul

      See beyonce imparted that mermaid spirit in these girls..

    37. maria rosa Oliveira

      A voz dela nao ta nada parecida com o videoclipe kkkkk autotune puro.... hoje em dia a coisa mais difícil de ver é um cantor que tem a voz boa no ao vivo

    38. King Jay Phoenix

      She killed it if I’m honest! She is living for herself and I am here for it! Tens across the board for female figure realness!! Tens!

    39. Drew Kearson

      Wow! This video has become a daily routine of mine.

    40. Krissy Smith


    41. Naara Ferreira

      God is Chloé

    42. Lilbadd B

      All I see is a lot of devil ishh and a little a shaking same ish you can catch on Instagram

    43. Lilbadd B

      She's not all that.

    44. adele bommarito

      this is truly my comfort performance

    45. wet punani

      it was giving Chloe Fierce

    46. Waynes World

      Why she look possessed

    47. G B

      Well I'll be dam, she dancing and singing like Beyonce. Dressing like her to

    48. Doggface 700

      Who seem the tampon 🤮🤮🤮😂😂😂

    49. madame paka

      I'll never get over this performance tbh

    50. tricianfred

      Beyoncé 2.0 (very talented young lady, just like her mentor)

    51. Rocky

      I bet she works on her dancing and choreography alot now

    52. Joao Pedro Chagas

      What's the first song she sings?

      1. jjuser2021

        it's called "chloe" released in 1929. she said on twitter that her grandpa used to sing it to her everynight.

    53. Nugg Nugg

      Chloe and normani performance has been on repeat since the vmas. I can’t stop watching, both of them killed it!!


      what a solo DEBUT



    56. Kenya Turner

      Next Beyoncé 🥳my cancer twin

    57. Noziphiwo Mdingi

      Her and normani can do the best collaboration. So much talent

    58. Tanyyah Reynolds

      If she got possessed by Sasha fierce ima be pissed cuz that’s what it gave

    59. ayesha langdon


    60. VINNY

      ABSOLUTELY AMAZING performance i cant stop watching it 😍 ❤

    61. Kwasi Hines

      Do da damn thang then!...Vocals☑ Performance ☑ Outfit☑ Body😍❤💯😭☑

    62. Zio


    63. D DD

      She's Gone Over To The DARK-SIDE 🤦🏾 WOW, NOT Needed because She's SUPER Talented without all that BS 😢 This young Beautiful Queen-Sista-Girls Is a Triple Treat Queen 👸 That DON'T Need All That Other UN-GODLY Crappiness ❣️❣️❣️❣️ 🙏

    64. T C

      Idk, it's all very Beyonce, would be better to see her develop her own style. We already have Beyonce, we need Chloe. But that's my opinion anyway

    65. • honeyy •

      If ya don’t see how demonic this looks, her energy is felt from the tv, something possessed her body, even the way the video Started all of you guys are blind wake up!

      1. 𝐀𝐧𝐧𝐞


    66. Keisha Chitundu

      She's got Beyonce vibes

    67. David0

      I love the song, and she can back it up for sure, but I don’t get the anger … the shouting … too much Beyoncé going on for me, we don’t need another one 🤷🏼‍♂️ just sayin…

    68. Marilyn Herrington

      Didnt like any of it but her voice

    69. Jeremy Valencia

      Vocals were too good that idiots here thought its prerecorded. Lols. The MIC IS ON bih. 😂❤️❤️

    70. Beckz Law

      If you dont think this is Demonic God help you. ChloeXSashaFierce not my kinda thing. 😱✌🏾👋🏾

      1. chanelle

        bye we don’t care

      2. Iycess Dickey

        Then bye

    71. Terena Rosa

      This is the most meaningless song I've ever heard in my life.

      1. Julie

        Most meaningless comment I’ve read in my life

    72. Angela Williams Proverbs 31

      It was nice what was that at the end tho 😂😂😂🤣

    73. Joanna

      on the floor. This performance was Sickening. I mean that in the best way. She is so talented and creative. A star is born.

    74. Andraw

      i come back every day multiple times

    75. 大王様

      Wow who is she?

    76. Repentance Movement

      I just hope she is not turned out buy the fame. So many go in innocent and turn ruthless.

    77. Rawbeauty N

      ok.... wow... yea soooo the industry mos definitely got her .... Her sister Halle tho... she ain’t trying to go over to the other side.... cuz unfortunately what is happening is a grooming to the dark side ... this performance people was a live seance and initiation done right in front of your eyes... thats why her name was chanted and the imagery of witchcraft was used to imitate possession.... like a spirit entered her and took over .... they are not hiding it ....... they will now eat her up and spit her out .... she’s in too deep.... and she wanted this life industry is getting more darker by the minute.... the sweet innocent artistic uncontrolled Chole is now gone folks.....she’s their puppet attention yaw and wake up .... all this is smoke screens ... yea she can sing... but they are doing a beyoncé fill in... they kilt her originality to make a beyoncé protege... but this was the only route she i guess felt she had to take to make it real big.... tho she really to me had a huge impact already .... so crazzzy smh

      1. chanelle

        @Rawbeauty N and so have you seen her be dEmOnIc like u say behind the scenes lol?

      2. Rawbeauty N

        @chanelle Girl... hello ... lol and i’ll say the same to you ... let me repost my comment ... yea i knw.... i knew the brainwashed would come and disagree such as yourself.... use to be just like you ....but no ... i’ll keep talking .... i’m around industry people so yea.... you are unfortunately one of the clueless ones who will never see what really goes on behind the scenes... cuz they want you to be this way... to worship artists and celebrities.... guess that’s you ... i can tell cuz the way you commented ...smh sad

      3. chanelle

        girl bye

      4. Iycess Dickey

        😑Bihhhh................ Stfu

    78. Jalesa Walker


    79. Pump

      I want those dreads now 🤤

    80. ayjfr88

      This is her debut solo stage 😭 imagine what she could be capable of in the future🖤🖤🖤

    81. Believe It

      🙄🙄 I don't want to see a bunch of new Sasha Fierce's (with no "IT" factor) running around now. Eww.... 🤮 Im hoping this doesn't become a thing because Bey took that thang as far as it could go and was over Bey way back when.

      1. chanelle

        that’s why beyoncé chose to be her mentor and signed her, cause she actually has talent 😭😭 unlike you who’s hating on successful women

    82. Ashantie B

      omgoshhhhhhh she snapped

    83. Sammi Atkins

      Her a beyonce need to do a feature an that will be a number1 hit ...

    84. JGLOVER0118


    85. Adam Wayne

      I've watched this 20 times

    86. M T

      Awwww... Dang she's been tainted... Lil Beyonce...

    87. Kicking it with Kim Brooks

      Yes she’s channeling Beyoncé now so she can rise to the top but I can’t wait to see Chloe break out as Chloe and be the artist she’d really like to be.

    88. Ilaaa Nabila

      She's insane🥵🔥

    89. Rungpra5234

      So good

    90. Sunny

      Built not Bought! 🙊🙈💝

    91. Sunny

      P E R F O R M A N C E 💖 Chloe did her thang! And yes baby you can definitely be little Bey! I love it!!! You are representing!

    92. Starsmoonlight

      Be Chloe NOT Beyonce! Lots of stiff forced energy. I didn't like it at all.... loosing your identity Chile.

      1. Larry Shelton

        They don’t want to hear the truth. It was very cringe.

    93. goflygirl100

      I love the beginning but I feel like this should've been a song by LIZZO.

    94. Ana Marie Clark

      I just wanna know what she’s singing in the opening. I kinda hear some of it but I just wanna know 100% what she’s saying lol

      1. Ana Marie Clark

        @Nariah Forde I thought she was saying her name. That’s pretty cool. Luring them in by song

      2. Nariah Forde

        chloe chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee someones coming (something idk) night shade falling something else idk

    95. All In

      I think she just really wants a party song for her first solo song and to break the wholesome image everyone has of her. Everyone went up for Miley when she did the same. She’s 21 and exploring herself. I think she did QUITE well for her first performance . Here for it

    96. Joshua Okey-Uche

      I ain’t gon lie, but the performance wasn’t that good. Her dancing was rusty, her composure was off and she over did the whole Beyoncé thing. It’s cool if you’re inspired by Beyoncé but she copied her whole flow BAR 4 BAR. Sometimes, I even thought I heard Beyoncé during that performance when Chloe would change her voice 😂

    97. TonyStrikesBack


    98. daja foster

      The song okay but the video and the performance was just not it

    99. Anastasia333

      Gross what the hell has happened to our society. I mean seriously you people call this talent? Just continuing to degrade women...pathetic

      1. chanelle

        let’s see u do better lol