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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


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    1. Shadow Killer

      Battlefield is back baby Postcript: This trailer is x2 time better than bf1 and x100 times better than bf5

    2. Paweł D

      Imagine watching this trailer in cinema.

    3. Smiley Face

      1:45 Penguins chilling like is nothing happening.

    4. Craxen

      This game will probably be the game of the year

    5. Seit-1892

      Will we break the record of the BF1 Trailer?

    6. B

      Since Patrick Söderlund left, DICE is only going upwards. Coincidence?

    7. Cord1122

      Its 2021 lets appreciate the time before this happens

    8. Sethorite

      Santa likes Supporters! and Haters go to Hell!

    9. Me, myself and I You

      Pay to play

    10. rDDog

      EA made me their fan... again

    11. Raj Sharma

      now games are looking better than real life

    12. Honkers Bonkers

      Love how chat just went crazy when he jumped out the jet and shot the other jet

    13. Quinn Humphrey

      Thumbs up for Kickstart my Heart 👍🏼 Comment for stun_gravy’s Rendezook 💬

    14. David360

      Will Blackburn or Recker make a return?🤔

    15. sus

      I can’t wait to get this game, looks *e p i c*

    16. Gemmexican

      Day 4 of watching until release

    17. juan franco

      let me try to know which country is which 0:13 china (probably somewhere with mountains) 0:53 somewhere in the middle east 1:41 the arctic 1:59 America 2:11 saudi arabia (middle east)(sand) 3:30 korea (south)

    18. Jadenn.Walkerr

      Graphics are beautifull

    19. Null24

      the amount of people who didnt know what the rendezook was was literally infuriating

      1. 3adir

        Who cares

      2. Patriot

        who cares

    20. JBM_NY

      dont buy this game at pre order or at launch because of its over priced game look at 60$ on ultimate edition and 45 dollar at deluxe edition and look at standard edition its 29$ they are just stealing our money on over priced games they are boring after some time this game price is this must stnd edition 21 dollar and deluxe at 33 dollar and ultimate at 45 dollar is reasonable price

      1. Ulises R

        Ok peasant

    21. Gunhaver

      remember, its not a rendezook if you don't get back into the airplane after the shot. love all the community references lol

    22. edie malou

      I think it needs B O A T

    23. ZANTHER_

      I can't wait to get struck by lightning in 2042

    24. 01hondascott

      that polaris sportsman would have broke down before he had a chance to launch it at that helicopter.

    25. Алексей Тимофеев

      Просто пи..дец!!!😱

    26. RustikGV

      Kickstart my heart!

    27. 신명수

      소름이세번이상돋았으면 갓 트레일러인데 5번넘게돋았음.

    28. Amaru

      Battle Field and 2WEI, what more could I want?

    29. Some desperate guy

      Watching this video for the 11th time while waiting for it

    30. YOUSAF!! BAJWA!!

      bf5 had visibility issues. it was so hard to spot and locate enemies in large open maps. So kindly fix it in next game..

    31. Falsey YT

      I’m sorry no seven nation army me no like

      1. Falsey YT

        @voe yt nah man I saw it on tik tok with seven nation army in background just disappointed that it wasn’t in trailer

      2. voe yt

        Bro So you don't like 99.99% trailers

      3. gas mask gaming


    32. Not all Gaming

      3:10 The garbage level is out of scale rofl

      1. voe yt

        So you don't watch and play battlefield 3

      2. Yuuki

        You don't know the Rendezook then

      3. Pharrzide

        @Not all Gaming no im just confused on how the level is out of scale?

      4. Not all Gaming

        @Pharrzide cant talk?

      5. Pharrzide


    33. Paul

      Or are the blue gloves reference to Jonathan Ferguson, from Royal Armouries?

    34. Raward

      Oh my 😍

    35. Immortal Phoenix

      The trailer of WW3 looks awesome.

    36. Hope

      Can I tell u something? I'm in love. With this games, it looks sooooooooo cool.

    37. RREDITZ


    38. MDBSONIC

      This literally means nothing to me. It’s just a pretty animation, where’s the gameplay?

      1. MDBSONIC

        @voe yt Honestly I think it could go either way.

      2. voe yt

        @MDBSONIC yea

      3. MDBSONIC

        @voe yt That is a good point. But I think of stuff like battlefront 2015 though.

      4. voe yt

        *bruh* Rebember battlefield 1? The trailer is that level of fun like game it self

      5. MDBSONIC

        @Yuuki ouchie 🤕 lol

    39. Muhd Amin

      this 5 minute trailer has more action than most movie

    40. Just a random dude.


    41. ducciboi

      This is what World War 3 is gonna look like

    42. Alex Rain

      I really want to keep hating EA but this does look very good and no virtue signaling or politics, so yeah, I’m in.

      1. Pharrzide

        @[ *Ruby: Navy* ] because thats what all the people crying about BFV were saying

      2. [ *Ruby: Navy* ]

        @bitbat9 ??? Why would politics equal women?

      3. bitbat9

        politics=women right? well theres women in the game sorry bud. also this game is inherently politically due to it being about climate change

    43. MajorBreaker

      4:25: easter egg?

      1. Pharrzide


    44. GooseDoesThings ‘

      Mmmmm, movement shooter! Mmmmmmmm! No real gameplay!

      1. gas mask gaming

        @Sean McArthur theres 2 gameplay trailers

      2. Sean McArthur

        There is a gameplay trailer you just obviously didn't check

    45. David jakubek


      1. voe yt

        1:36 atomic bomb

    46. Josue Rodriguez

      to battlefield just remake 1942 ik you already have battlefield 5 but i feel like you can do better also pls use battlefield 1942 soundtrack

      1. voe yt

        Bro This is not 1 person

    47. Benjamin Torres

      gracias llore

    48. Ђорђе Најдановић

      3:49 T14 Armata

      1. voe yt

        Its looks kinda like challenger 2 or leopard 2

    49. Jelly Bean

      3:28 to 3:31. Even battlefield has used the famous SCREAM

    50. Marc Anthony

      Gonna buy a ps4 for sure i love battlefield series

      1. Marc Anthony

        @gas mask gaming i was thinking that is better saving money for a ps5

      2. gas mask gaming

        Ps5 or series x

    51. Roughfire

      3:15 the jet scene is freaking cool part and I'm freak out

    52. Jason Lee Dee

      i remember when i used to get alpha invites just because id bought every previous game and done every previous alpha and beta. Now i suppose i have to pre order super duper delux edition

      1. Pharrzide

        you can register for a chance to be a tester and you only need to pre order the game to get early access to the beta

    53. Tommy Dummy

      Non THAT looks like a good futuristic game

    54. Gon and Garay Gonzalo

      Qe viaje!

    55. DarkWarrior137

      "Master Chief, you mind telling me what youre doing flying straight up?" "Sir, finishing this fight." 3:17

    56. Jason Galipeau

      “Sir, you really don’t need a rocket launcher in your fighter jet.”

    57. ЖИ КА

      Почему видео русское а комменты английские

    58. Sleepy

      I know machinima decided to take the ship with it but I would love to see the Battlefield Friends come back for this one.

    59. jupiter212

      Finally a good game that I can get excited for.

    60. Amlan Gohain

      2:17 Terminator music hits

    61. Gemmexican

      Day 3 of watching the trailer until release I did day 2 but edited the first comment back to day 1

    62. Frank Ribery

      I'm gonna watch this in Loop

    63. Ghost Simon Rilley

      Just like tf2

    64. monty python

      this trailer wasn't very good

      1. [ *Ruby: Navy* ]

        @G3tshot Heett I feel kinda the same way, I’m sad the music just wasn’t more pronounced, other than that I have no issues with this trailer

      2. G3tshot Heett

        Song was kinda disappointing though but trailer was a 8.5/10

      3. itsWY XD

        It was very good, you just don’t have good taste

      4. Boltpoke


    65. Gianchisciotte Gesualdo

      man how freaking funny is the futuristic tuk tuk...

    66. Spaf

      2:05 when the driver was looking at the rocket I wonder how much people he ran over

    67. Mickey

      lets hope this is gonna be good as masterpiece

      1. Donald Duck

        Hi mickey

      2. Mk 11

        Hi Mickey

      3. Ron Jeremy

        Hi Mickey

    68. Karolina Szczurek

      Is ti crazy

    69. Karolina Szczurek

      So sick

    70. Romeu Cadic

      I can't stop watching this lol

    71. Elscruffo

      Hovercrafts on the ice looks so much fun

    72. Dhruv Gupta

      3:16 C'mon

    73. Soapy

      0.27 bro, bro have you seen Joe

    74. Leviathan Gaming

      Came back to this vid after a month. Seems like the community is happy about this! Can't wait to try it all out!

    75. S V

      Тут будет возможность стрелять боком ? На пример как было в pubg, rainbow6 siege где надо было нажимать кнопки "Q" и "E" и оружие наклонялось, было реалистично и удобно стрелять из укрытия.

    76. Arron Bayley

      The new Star Wars battlefront looks insane

    77. Ashwin Banga

      This giving me bf3 vibes

    78. Rick Tyman

      Notice how the tornado doesn't damage the buildings - they made sure to keep that in to avoid people thinking natural disaster events would affect the environment, which would be graphically demanding to pull off in-game.

    79. ljj j

      Half the maps are from bf4 lol

      1. Pharrzide


      2. bitbat9

        That's just blatantly false lol

    80. ljj j

      I like that this looks like an updated BF4, I hope they get gun mechanics, server tick rate and a game that can run 120fps+

    81. ljj j

      After 2 massive flops in a row I really hope they learned their lesson, I’ve been craving battlefield since bf4

      1. Romeu Cadic

        Bf1 wasn't a flop lol

      2. Co-Mastah

        2? You mean 1

      3. SILENCE

        Battlefield 1 was a massive flop?

    82. Jacob S


    83. Matvey Sednev


    84. knine53

      Can the G.I. Joes defeat Kobra and their Weather Dominator?

    85. atomic_duckie

      now this is what people want, not like the cringey 1944 tom cruise and not giving the players the eastern front maps in battlefield 5

    86. Dave

      If you think about it, what weapon systems are we going to be using in the next 30 years because at least in the US, we’re still using weapon systems that developed back in the 60’s to 80’s. Hell, half our Navy is still using ships that are 20 years plus.

    87. Brandon Patterson

      Imagine paint ball got to this scale

    88. Jacob Hodge

      0:45 GUN PUPPER!!! GUN PUPPER!!!!

    89. mauberni

      Where my Titan mode at?

      1. Pharrzide

        in 2142

    90. __Price___

      У МЕНЯ МУРАШКИ ПО КОЖЕ !!! ;-0 )

    91. Allyssa Bearden

      do you understand that i have came back to this video everyday for the past 3 weeks 😩😭

      1. Allyssa Bearden

        i’m literally at work rn watching this lmao

    92. Mr Deg

      This could be the best BF game in a while. Looks awsome

    93. Viper

      Can I still fly an f22 raptor and an a 10

    94. Viper

      2:48 you must have recorded that amazing sound even thought it’s a quad not a dirt bike

    95. Viper

      After the unspoken game westie said the best timeframe fo a game is near future he KNEW SOMETHING

    96. Николай Николаевич

      Приятно когда разрабы чувствуют свою аудиторию

    97. Toby Wright

      looks amazing but also looks a lot like just cause :)