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    Official Video for "Easy On Me" by Adele.
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    There ain’t no gold
    In this river
    That I’ve been washing my hands in forever
    I know there is hope
    In these waters
    But I can’t bring myself to swim
    When I am drowning
    In this silence baby let me in

    Go easy on me baby
    I was still a child
    Didn’t get the chance to
    Feel the world around me
    I had no time to choose
    What I chose to do
    So go easy on me

    There ain’t no room
    For things to change
    When we are both so deeply
    Stuck in our ways
    You can’t deny how hard I have tried
    I changed who I was
    To put you both first
    But now I give up

    I had good intentions
    And the highest hopes
    But I know right now
    It probably doesn’t even show

    Directed by: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan
    Video commissioner - Phil Lee @phillee at Untold Studios @untold_studios
    Executive Producer - Nkem Egbuchiri at Untold Studios @Nkem__nkem
    Executive Producer - Bryan Younce at Columbia Records
    Production Company: Sons of Manual/Scheme Engine @schemeengine
    Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes @janniemcinnes
    Producers: Nancy Grant, Xavier Dolan @nancygrantbonjour; @xavierdolan
    Cinematographer: André Turpin @andreturpin
    Camera Operator: Jean-Sébastien Caron @jeans_caron
    Production design: Élise de Blois @elisedeblois23
    Supervising art director: Carolyne De Bellefeuille @carolynedebellefeuille
    Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi @sweetbabyjamie
    Hair: Sami Knight @samiknighthair
    Make-up: Anthony Nguyen @anthonyhnguyenmakeup
    Nails: Kimberly Kyees @kimmiekyees
    Editor: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan
    Post: MELS Studio @melsstudios /Flawless Post @flawlesspostproduction


    1. Mason C

      The Queen Is Back !! Let Me Get My Tissues 😭 x

    2. Arum Rizky

      Banyak hati terwakili dari lagu ini 🥺🥺🥺, from Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩.

    3. Toby Poo Poo

      I'm still better!

    4. Er Re

      Turning tables? 😉😉

    5. hammer6233

      So samey

    6. Mae Donna Gen Plaza


    7. Arturo Matias

      Adele and Xavier Dolan should work together in every video of her ❤

    8. Carla e Júlia

      Quando a pessoa tem talento não importa o tempo que passar sempre vai entregar mais do que o esperado 🙏☺️

    9. Jon & Alycia

      Queen A > Queen B

    10. Neto mendonça

      Simplesmente insuperável!!!!

    11. JA Hustle

      Wow 👏! she never disappoint!!! Love her voice so much! 😍

    12. Amber

      This song goes good after a breakup lol

    13. ABRAR

      Brand new on this time 👍❤️

    14. Jerome K. Jones

      "Adele's voice is like a perfect instrument there is only one of." - Me

    15. Alpha Hydri

      There are a few very brilliant things I noticed: First, the setting she leaves in the beginning is from her other song Hello. Second, the (red) colour comes in at 3:38. If you know her music videos, you´ll notice, that that is an important and significant detail! Third, the arrangement consists of very few selected instruments, mainly piano, bass and a soft kick drum plus her magnificent unique vocals as always. More isn´t needed. Loved the funny ending as well ("We´re keeping that" - "No, you never.."). Currently 57 Mio. views, soon much much more! Adele you are truely a legend! Gorgeous song! ^^

    16. Haii People

      Right when I saw the grey background I already knew what time it was

    17. Tiffany Carson

      She's still has a beautiful amazing voice!❤💯

    18. Kara Lozdan

      Vocals are just beyond words, song itself is so so.

    19. P D

      What a powerful voice 😉

    20. Viri MG

      Gracias por regresar Adele regresaste a tomar tu trono 👑

    21. Christine Allaband

      This songs hits deep but I absolutely love it ❤️❤️ Keep sharing your amazing voice with us bc it's powered and beautiful...

    22. Don't Settle

      5:12 Piscis Austrinus

    23. ChefDavis194

      Beautiful 😍

    24. Joe Clarke

      You were such a dominant figure in my childhood… all my most memorable times are underpinned with your music… 21 was the album my whole family would play and/or would have on the radio around this time, it brings back so many memories and feelings when I listen to this music. Your voice is the same and that’s something amazing… I hope it never changes and I hope you continue to create. Love you, from Sheffield ❤️❤️

    25. Danny Boy

      Gospel !!!

    26. Boruto Episodes

      Music for my soul thanks a lot ,😢😢😢😢

    27. Miguel mendoza


    28. Muhammad Toto Apriatna

      very extraordinary, his distinctive voice makes people hypnotized, and his sad songs make everyone get carried away. 😭

    29. Miguel mendoza


    30. John Smith

      I'm a step Dad without my own biological children as the mother of said child became infertile after birth. It's people like me that pick up the mess of divorced kids and we have to bring them up as our own! No Adele. I won't take it easy on you!!

    31. ChefDavis194


    32. MrStrido


    33. Miguel mendoza


    34. Miguel mendoza


    35. Sophia Shiliagova

      Thanks for your album Adele

    36. Miguel mendoza


    37. Georgia Bennett

      Your voice is great 👑💼😍

    38. Amberly Nicole

      Adele just beautiful!!


      La obra maestra comienza en 1:44✨😍 de nada💅🏻

    40. Lauren Webb

      currently crying

    41. Shane Wayne

      58M heart broken person listen to this song 😭😭😭

    42. Déborah Farias

      Eu já não sei quantas vezes eu voltei nesse clipe. O momento 3:38 parece alguém voltando a viver depois de muito tempo triste.

    43. حسين محمد

      We have to dream, we have a life in imagination

    44. Selena De Souza

      te amo reinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa desde uruuguay ‼♪♥

    45. misolou fout

      Voltei de novo pra ouvir você beybe como e bom ter você como cantora e a melhor pra mim... única que consegui tocar meu coração ❤

    46. bev smith

      Awesome song

    47. Don't Settle

      3:40 "Go easy on me baby. I was still a child. Didn't get the chance to feel the world around me" Oh boy. Here come the waterworks. Those lyrics hit home!

      1. Don't Settle

        "So go easy on me baby"

      2. Don't Settle

        "Had not time to chose, what I chose to chose"

      3. Wentl Kimba

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    48. Κ. Π.

      Απλά φοβερό!

      1. Wentl Kimba

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    49. josh reynolds

      Adele and Yazoo for life

      1. Wentl Kimba

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    50. Mark Gimenez

      I've got stage 4 lung cancer and listening to Adele is really helping me dealing with my condition.. Thankyou Adele ♥️♥️♥️ P.S I'm from Preston, Lancashire x

    51. Noni Wanda

      You made my day 💝✨

      1. misolou fout


    52. svijet muzike

      Nice song...reallly like it.As always Adele is great singer and the video is very nice...Awesome..

    53. raden roro layung

      Akhirnya sekian lama ada musik yg enak didenger ❤️

    54. João Victor santana

      Fenômeno 😍

      1. Yuuu Chains

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    55. João Victor santana

      Ícone 😍

    56. Rina Maufina

      Thanks very much

      1. Yuuu Chains

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    57. João Victor santana


    58. Lissie Moo

      Justamente la escucho cuando se termina un tormento de 5 años en el que deje todo, al final acá estoy siendo nada pero con ganas de serlo todo...

      1. Yuuu Chains

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    59. Beenzu J

      A Queen!!!

    60. iamnottheone!

      its so soothing! as usual

    61. dunkhell 75


    62. ouss beg

      Best song ever ever

    63. رتيل للحلويات

      Such a beautiful song your voice IS majestic

      1. Leewo Tyy

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    64. Michael Underhill

      Right so she's lost weight, the song is still rubbish and she is moaning about an ex. Hmmm Imagine The Clash existed today would change everything but no we get mediocre nonsense like this "ohhh she can sing" yeah ok but it doesn't matter when the song is shite.

      1. Leewo Tyy

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    65. End of an Era out NOW


      1. Leewo Tyy

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    66. Zedd Dz

      Crazzy voice really i'm cry right know 😭💔 back adele

      1. spell ahhh

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    67. Josh_y_artstudio

      Go easy on me Adele huhuhuhuhu such a beautiful songgggg

      1. spell ahhh

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    68. Emmanuel Mwamkinga

      Same Star same Hit...🔥🔥welcome back.. Ur missed on the Charts..

      1. spell ahhh

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    69. Ayoub Bijaad

      I love 💕 USA

    70. Nicholas Miglino

      For me she is on par with the Beatles, never thought it would happen but it has !! Mind boggling talent bless her soul

    71. Shudufhadzo Tshivhase

      We waited for 6 years..and the waiting was worth it

    72. John Smith

      I need out of here... I'm panicking... When will this nightmare end!! Adele. It's called lockdown. You don't have to make a album and divorce about It!!

    73. Sha[Na]Leaaa

      I was listening to this for the first time across the room and my husband (while playing his video games) randomly said, “She makes me feel things in my heart.” 🥺

    74. èf⅞ô


    75. Kisasi 2020

      Skepta are you watching?

      1. quizgo 28

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    76. NayAllDay


      1. quizgo 28

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    77. Drew Jones

      music vides that wait 1:30 to start the fucking song is the lamest shit ever

      1. Foreign Policy


      2. quizgo 28

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    78. inga

      The viewssss

    79. Pink Rose

      How can I stop listening this magical song: (

    80. Emily Orellano

      Cómo es que está joya tenga tantos dislike, todo bien por casa gente?

      1. quizgo 21

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    81. BengBeng Dingin

      Wow.. Trending #1 on youtube music

      1. quizgo 21

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    82. Kisasi 2020

      No way , 57 m views in 2 days ???

      1. quizgo 21

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    83. Don't Settle

      3:10 "When we are both so deeply stuck in our way" -- Adele. Chose yourself. Love yourself. You are enough. You are more then enough. Maybe this is what you needed, A catalyst for self love. Relaunch learning your boundaries. Relaunch learning your and expressing your limits. Relaunch not abandoning yourself for other peoples acceptance. Chose yourself and see who stays. You will. Chose yourself and see God's Miracles takes place. Matt 7:5. Chose yourself. Heart of Harmony E News Letter Subscription. Love yourself. You Matter. God first, founded on Christ. In your own direction. But youve got to chose yourself. Be willing to "Go your own way!" -- WEH.

      1. Don't Settle

        2:40 OOohhhhh.

      2. Don't Settle

        3:28 I'll always count you in. But will you.

    84. Leni Nuraeni

      Komentar dlu baru dengerin lagunya. Hahahaha

    85. Gevanildo Matos

      Quantas vezes vou assistir este vídeo? Não consigo resistir...vejo de novo de novo

      1. Rio Lor

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    86. Martin Martin

      I'm crying and i haven't even been married yet much less gone through a divorce but i guess you don't have to just to understand what's trying to be said in this song. Adele how we've missed you and the pain you make us feel in your music.

      1. Rio Lor

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    87. Mardi Taylor

      Not my fav.

      1. Rio Lor

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    88. Yegane Sadeghi

      As always,great👌👍😍


      La mejors

      1. Quizgo300 Show

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    90. heyyyiraaa

      She's comeback ❤️

      1. Quizgo300 Show

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊

    91. D C

      love you Adele

      1. Quizgo300 Show

        Adele Easy On Me Cover Parody🙊


      Te amoooooooooooo

    93. Somewhere Upthere

      The way it's recorded, it's like a casette tape. It's almost easier to sing along with. Brings me back to the era of Bon Jovi. King of the broken heart and here's the Queen.

    94. Ronaldo Rodas

      Adele Is Beautiful. ❤

    95. J Rudolf

      Is she auditioning to be on TOWIE? Only explanation for that unnecessary opening scene