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  1. Alex

    OMG The music is just magnificent! I had pure goosebumps at 1:42.

  2. Ľuboš Bačík

    I won't watch it now. I'll wait for Christmas

  3. Juan Gumulong

    More tldr please 😢

  4. Kyanna Silva

    I’ve watched this trailer so many times and I am just now realizing at 0:09 and 0:25 you can see Clint wearing a hearing aide. Perhaps they will finally write in him becoming deaf and how he loses his hearing in this series. It’s refreshing how the mcu is now providing more depth to its characters and providing more inclusivity and diversity such as mental and now possibly physical disabilities :)

  5. BoLTX 『Karan』

    I will remember this movie till the end of my Life just was a masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥

  6. BoLTX 『Karan』

    "WE ARE IN ENDGAME NOW " nice hint Marvel.

  7. Tabitha Howard

    This trailer is glorious.👏🏽🙌🏽🔥

  8. Bumble - Bee

    Kevin Smith called me and assured me that this series will be exactly about Hawkeye and he will be in the foreground

  9. Mihirani Chathurika

    Is there any one miss old six avengers 🥺💔 Iron Man ❤️ Captain America💙 Thor 💛 Hulk 💚 Black Widow 🖤 Hawkeye 🤍

  10. Aswin Aravind

    Yo who put the sections in sponsorblock for this video 🤣🤣

  11. ankit dixit

    Ok. This is different. Also, thrones yeah

  12. Gabe Parada

    Is it going to be woke trash or not? That's all i need to know.

  13. Chase Gallaugher

    hey look another Marvel TV series I wont watch

  14. Will Black

    Maybe now we'll get some decent Hawkeye merch for the fans that have been waiting for it since being 8 yrs old,

  15. Ray.

    This never gets old.

  16. Old Duck

    When you’re out of luck, always go Old Duck.

  17. Ivan Aditya

    Suaranya niki enak bett

  18. Joe Del

    I just love how every male Marvel Character is being replaced by obviously better females characters! It's about time. Go Marvel MSheU!

  19. Anabel Pena

    Not my guy from Kim’s Convenience out here killing it 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨

  20. Samuel Luebbers

    I feel like they made this Christmas themed solely so they could make the “bring a bow” pun

  21. Hedgy Verona

    I‘m only in it for the musical.

  22. chillsahil


  23. Louis Hung

    0:33 "wanna sprite cranberry?"

  24. Bob Harritech

    Wow! A female apprentice! I did NOT see that coming!

  25. aljohn tabion

    When Renner got casted as Hawkeye, I was skeptical. He’s too short.. doesn’t look the part. But now I can’t see anyone else play this part. I love how he captures Hawkeyes sarcastic humor perfecty

  26. Average Jignesh

    Please can anyone share the music's link?👀

  27. San Gabriel


  28. TIlak Sevak

    Bring Tony back and you will be praised

  29. D G

    1:29 surprised this wasn’t in the most recent episode, maybe there’s a sequel episode this season

  30. Sue Ladd

    Opening To Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D 2020 DVD

  31. Vinay Lhase Vlogs

    One of Best marvel movie so far...

  32. Dipta Barmon

    At last Hawkeye had a solo movie 💗

  33. Deniz Bircan

    got some home alone & Arnold Schwarzenegger in jingle all the way from 1996 vibes

  34. Shahzeb Khan

    0:33 Literally Goosebumps

  35. Poppin_F.A

    nice superman heat vision copy

  36. Josue Flores

    This is the first MCU show to have a main protagonist who is of the main member of the avengers.

  37. Aleo Cosantino

    Well I’ll be damned. Hawkeye movie is here

  38. S K

    Cool martial arts bro.... now he looks like he can fight

  39. Anshul Rawat

    Don't don't give me hope logan 😔

  40. MaximumShaun

    The font reminds me of Macy’s… is it because of the Christmas theme I wonder?

  41. Wilibaldo Lagos

    I'm going to buy it just for Music.

  42. gian marco arevalo valdivia

    Saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪

  43. OrangeCRUSH 480

    Honestly Meh

  44. Filmy Guru M

    In memories of The Green Arrow ❤ Arrow and bow

  45. Bevarsi

    People get caught up in their Brie Larson hate train, but I remember how excited I was for this movie and how imp Captain Marvel was for the Endgame plotline. She just made some bad jokes (her dry humor def didn't translate well) and here we are left with a negative impression towards her and Captain Marvel.

  46. Mayank Jain

    Still looked depressed.



  48. Joe Mc


  49. Violet Music Studio


  50. Steven Hiser

    They gave us the greatest movie infinity war had so much potential to make endgame just as great if not better just to sell out and kill off the original cast such a let down

  51. r sj

    Felt like watching 007 trailer


    love this

  53. Baibabh Gutgutia

    Only super powers doesn't makes one a superhero

  54. Cuong Mai

    Ay, the premier is on my birthday. Great birthday present for this year.

  55. nazfeliz 94

    what a thick hairy hand

  56. Dody Siwabessy

    BlackWidow 😍💪💪💪🙌

  57. TheQsanity

    Asians Assembled!!! 😂

  58. Satyam Sherawat

    It's like power ranger bot and a transformer had a baby in wakanda.

  59. Akiyama Joji

    Lol, this is like Die Hard.

  60. Milo James

    Feels a little childish

  61. Grayson J. Stedman jr.

    Yippee ki yay mother......

  62. Akash Naresh

    What's New here same old concept based trailer...try something new 🙃

  63. Steven Hiser

    Ok I'm not going to lie trailer looks good but I still know I'm going to have trouble watching it I just can't seem to be able to stomach anymore marvel after endgame

  64. Najeeb Azmi

    I can't wait for this finally venom comes in

  65. Humanoid Creature

    This episode was amaizing: the battle between Eric and Stark was really fun to watch and it felt heartbreaking when Killmonger killed Tony, It was amaizing to see Killmonger talk to T'Challa after drinking the black panther syrup. And after all of that, the episode still managed to end in a positive note. This show is going really good so far, I hope we get to see more of Corrupted Strange in season 2.

  66. TisperMusic

    This movie is gonna be wild

  67. Nominous

    0:46 _South Korean archers want to know your location._

  68. Rspiritmaster Programer

    Great mcu turning to m_she_u, I'm so excited, can't wait to be disappointed more than what I expect

  69. Yhazira Zahira Shoffa


  70. Easin Arafat

    Now marvel wants to create superheros for next 200 years within just 1 year huh😂


    Main Charecter : "Hello Peter"

  72. SlighceTUNES

    He should play James Bond

  73. RaptorCD

    Black Panther info Transformer

  74. Sarcasm Baby

    This looks amazing.

  75. Balys

    Superhero movie with normal people. I like it.