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  1. padoodle padoodle

    No words can describe how beautiful this truly is.

  2. tbigski11

    when zemo finally gets mission report from december 16 1991

  3. Studio Sensei

    that’s good contents

  4. Geoff Craig

    What's the song?

  5. Nicole Castellano

    Godspeed marvel Godspeed

  6. KKay

    Song name?

  7. Fernanda Salgado García

    I love it xD❤❤❤❤

  8. boyborn775

    Star Wars: Baby Yoda Marvel: Hold my beer...

  9. The Smaschhand

    This beat is Amazing

  10. Jae Mendiola

    what if wanda didnt leave and take ultron's heart

  11. mixi ronin

    F for Loki he was a great villian

  12. 01Master ofDisaster

    If I ever have a house party this will be on the big screen. <3

  13. James Ja


  14. Cometeer the Rocketeer

    *Fun fact:* At 0:55, the shot of the building was filmed at the Atlanta Mariott Marquis, which also appeared in the Spiderman: Homecoming trailer and was the same filming location of the training center in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

  15. santiago vazquez

    I think this should be the last episode


    Zemo paying tribute to captain america where he missed his date with Peggy Carter

  17. PositiveSarcasm

    Oh god, they Thanos-ed it (aka fine I'll do it myself)

  18. Rayhan Suryo

    This is the coolest freakin thing of marvel's villain deadly moves

  19. Samuel Sánchez

    what is the name of the song?

  20. Marjorie B

    This movie is just having a trailer of but the fact that l want more, more prince of Asgard, more God of mischief, more LOOOKIIII

  21. ^^

    Mom let's go watch the movie where Zemo comes out. Honey, we have that movie at home. Zemo at home:

  22. Emporio

    ngl Zemo looks like Emo Tobey Maguire

  23. Yamillet Rivas

    My Friday night Zemo dance party 🎉 💃🏽 🕺🏻

  24. JAYARAHUL B 015

    Loop mode💥❤️

  25. Ihsan Abu thair

    This is too badass I can’t wait to see it 😱

  26. Hugo Baez

    Es joda, no?

  27. czzz tk

    All thanks to t'challa we witnessed this dance

  28. Denis Escobar

    I have a strong feelings the bad guy is going to be Antonio Banderas

  29. Loriana

    Thanks for that Marvel I Love u ❤️😂

  30. Patrick Pierre

    The internet wins yet again. Thank you, Al Gore.

  31. Nano Ramírez

    "Ya done good hasselhoff"

  32. Juan Johansson

    I love you Zemo❤️❤️

  33. Ihsan Abu thair

    Omg i cannot wait to see this in the theatre 🤗

  34. mike sullivan

    And people question Marvel vs dc lmao. This is why hahahaha

  35. Anna Molnar

    Why are you doing this to me? I’m not supposed to like him 😫😫

  36. Larry Rottenberk

    This vs the Spider-man 3 dance. We need that battle now

  37. 120 Paul


  38. Better Off Brent

    If they don't play this beat and show this video in every club once COVID is over, then I'm not leaving the lockdown.

  39. Lazarus95157

    Okay, but what song is this?

  40. Mendoza Torres Jesús Arley

    Best FaWS scene

  41. McDavid Deserves Better

    Marvel just knows what the fans want.

  42. Oskar

    Rest In Peace king...♥️

  43. Artisan1979

    I cannot believe they published one hour of his bad guy boogie


    Did i see scarlett johansson a.k.a black widow for a second in 2:05 or am i crazy??

  45. Matt Rice

    I truly didn’t know I needed this until now.

  46. KKay

    They knew what they were doing.

  47. Poke_MV_Boy

    Is Marvel head is a memer ? Lol

  48. Mafagafo sonhador

    I'm believe in you Marvel

  49. Ernesto paredes hurtado

    Él ZemoCionó xD

  50. Fabian

    Thank you for everything marvel. For all those moments

  51. KKay

    Thank you.

  52. Jaspreet Singh

    I am speed...

  53. Roberto Andres Flores Mendez

    What are you doing? Dancing

  54. Malcolm Cummings

    Do people not realize that this is just the same ten seconds on a loop?

  55. Arfa

    now im dancing this to my friend

  56. Film Freak

    me praying after i watch this trailer: "Father god, i pray that this would not another typical feminist bad super movie, with a relatable protagonist, unlike Captain marvel, and birds of prey, in jesus name, AMEN"

  57. 東西南北


  58. inverse_of_zero

    I know nothing about this series, this is my first time watching anything related. But.. am I the only one that thinks this trailer looks tacky AF?

  59. Ayoy Ramos

    wow 2.7 M views as of 4/10!

  60. The Hawkinator


  61. MajoMax Ortiz

    Isn’t the extremis technically the mk42

  62. Ged A.

    This is what I’m studying to from now on.

  63. Omar Ochoa

    Name of song?

  64. Jesús Arias

    "Puedo hacer esto todo el día"

    1. henry melendez


  65. RadStaz

    fans: RELEASE THE ZEMO CUT marvel: ok

  66. Greyson Farias


  67. Arthur He

    but she died with that pony tail

  68. N

    ok but this soundtrack is a bop

  69. Anatoliy Afanasyev

    Посмотрел полностью

  70. Godzilla

    What if we need godzilla the world needs him?

  71. sara

    I'll never do it again. Procedes to stab guy in back

  72. Dentha Gaming

    Hindi dubbed pls

  73. Panduka Gaminda

    Marvel like, here you are, watch untill die..🤣🤣❤❤🔥

  74. Dentha Gaming

    Hindi dubbed pls

  75. Dentha Gaming

    Hindi dubbed

  76. Dentha Gaming

    Hindi dubbed 🙏

  77. Dentha Gaming

    Hindi dubbed 🙏

  78. Mary Weinstein

    The worthless atom anatomically deliver because block reportedly please without a equal appliance. kindhearted, numerous diamond

  79. Avinash Chaudhary

    The suit is useless without TONY STARK Love you 3000 TONY