hello guys here is another new sh*t from nairobi kenya byex.info/video/v-d-a/rprPprOn1qOOgNo

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    We love you no matter what 😁

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    Happy bday lil nas wishing you a good birth day 😀🎂

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  10. Ducky bhai is best youtuber

    Are you with illuminati because I think you are dude because of the shoes why only 666 shoes made and why Is there a inverted cross and more devil signs there

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    بسم الله شنو هذا

  12. Levi Montgomery

    You're disrespectful

  13. Mohammed Khan

    i like the way it sounds but the music vid is not nice

  14. jon mark

    Evil was born

  15. TheSpaceman332211

    We went from Tupac and Lauren Hill, true black excellence to this and cardi b. Sad.

  16. Sandros Games City

    Wtf did I just watch?

    1. Zypha

      A work of art ;)

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    Liking this video is a premium ticket to hell😂

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  24. Something Stories- Lazardist

    *Respect in Pansexuality*

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    this has to be best music video 2021 NO CAP #LILNASXFOREVER

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    Time to disslike all his songs and forget that he ever existed on this planet

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    such a bad mv🤢

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    He sinning 😑😐😑😐😑😐😑

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    bruh he had literall cross earrings and now look at his new song

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    I've been listening to this song for a whole week

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    You hate the scene with Twerk but all clip it’s just 😍

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    Збс,узнал о песне только из тик тока

  60. That cup in your room

    First cmon twerking competition in the comments and also i just dont understand why this got hate like- the song: perfection the mv: flawless Lil Nas X: the most amazing person ever the comments: pure gold (fr hope he doesnt do smthin terrible and this not age well🤠❌)

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    This gay

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    new travis scott sicko mode with outfits

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    Happy 22rd Birthday Lil Nas X I Liked Your Songs You Did Old Town Road And The Remix With Billy Ray Cyrus And Panini And The Remix With DaBaby And Rodeo With Cardi B And F9mily (You & Me) And Kick It And Bring U Down And C7osure (You Like) Well, Happy 22rd Birthday Lil Nas X And You Also Live In Lithia Springs Georgia

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    Why do you hate lin nas X?

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    Everyone is really making up new types of twerking.

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    This comment section is filled with people twerking, others plugging their music, and christians..and I'm all for it.

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