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  1. Bykster2008

    Chad totaly win it

  2. Rylan Maletich


  3. Brandon Lee

    Sorry ty but I've got 31 kills before

  4. raidzz

    Rc yum

  5. Asherithink?

    I haven't watched them in a year

  6. Bryan Barnartt

    I'm going to buy a blitzball

  7. Lori Matthews

    I ❤️Frogs🐸

  8. Advaith save

    U put salt in the water

  9. Anthony xd

    Legal nota 100000000

  10. XrayzK

    Cody punches ty Commits to not go for Cody but goes for the others NOW THATS A CRIME

  11. Angela Bray


  12. Wendy Ahlefeldt

    Who else is wondering who Ned is because I thought he was Tyler

  13. Jared Brown

    Love fishing. Love it

  14. Michael Draheim


  15. the rifle


  16. Glockness Monster

    Do fans just show up and hang out outside the office? Relax guys.

  17. Jake Meyer

    I love all the guys don’t get me wrong. But Ty is such a narcissist it’s almost funny. When he wins a challenge it’s a big speech, Cody wins and it’s ya whatever no one cares. Not coll

  18. Edrees Budri


  19. Zayn Holmes

    And I subscribe to all of your videos as it’s sad that the twins are gonna get out

  20. min wang

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  21. Levi Walker

    Garret: "only the strong survive also Garret: "Not surviving" me: hmmmmmmm

  22. Zayn Holmes

    The twins are gonna lose it must be everyone has a chance and tie tie is the best don’t even start me with Tall guy it’s so weird twins a car with a long beard and the tall guy🍔🌭🦴🍖🍗🧈🥞🧇🥓🥩🍳🥚🧀🥨🥖🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

  23. Lori Matthews

    Poor Garrett!!!🤣

  24. Ethan Andryski

    2021 gang

  25. Breezeismylife Xox

    PLEASE WILL SOMEONE LISTEN TO ME, there is a video going round tiktok of a poor donkey getting hit by a train people are making memes, joking comments they think are funny and me and my friends are doing all we can to stop it so please if you see it REPORT IT please i beg

  26. Bone Dude

    I wish Rage Monster kicked the ball into the hoop. Would've been cool!!

  27. Stella Sings!

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 0meg4


  29. Stacie

    U copy mrbeast

  30. Gerardo Dialer


  31. sir mANT

    the subtitles are so annoying, we dont need to know what song is playing every second

  32. Will Craun

    shipoltle haha

  33. SniperNate23

    I love you Cory

  34. Harley Donohue

    I am mr. bury me

  35. Dryeet2704

    In all honesty, Ty looks almost identical to one of my high school English teachers. It’s the beard. And his build.

  36. Zach Triggell

    Cody: these aren't going anywhere Busts a bottle on Cory for the last time

  37. Phillip Robinson

    When they do the never gonna catch me and that stuff it seems so fake or scripted

  38. RaNdOmIfY?

    Darth-waffle vs yummy Skywalker

  39. Jaime Adams

    And stoopid editors

  40. Jaime Adams

    I got cars before Corey

  41. Taco Kellen

    I feel Mike and Ike's have been completely disrespected. Give the best movie candy ever some love.

  42. Panda K

    Houston Texas

  43. Karliahkcatplays Hall

    I am literally obsessed with nerd rope about 200yards

  44. Infected

    Cory is going to win

  45. Grayson Grzybowski

    Congratulations to Garret and your wife

  46. David Farley

    5:53 perfect throw to drown him right in the face

  47. Whitney Robertson

    you should go to the uss wisconsin in norfolk va

  48. Finn Keehan

    3:23 Me: That stereotype would be called "The Rage Monster 2"

  49. Dion Duka

    I loved the thumbnail 🙃

  50. Hayden Ladd

    Love this video awesome content 👍🏼👌🏼.

  51. Yasir Aziz

    Hi dude perfect , thanks for your videos, my son is asking on how you made the white plane because he really wants to play with it?

  52. claire barker

    Post more videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. AA12YT9699

    I love the intro

  54. AA12YT9699

    I want to do that I have a snake

  55. Kelby Butcher


  56. Relatively Random

    Team Colby!!!

  57. Nicholas Balluch

    Why did I think he threw the turtle at first

  58. Tmack11

    Just leaving a comment here so I can be a part of history.

  59. Andres Olvera

    This was the first video I have ever watched from them

  60. Kristin Gardner

    Get Crafty I want Cory to win The get crafty

    1. Kristin Gardner

      Ostrich egg

  61. Peggle Master and Piggy Miggy

    Let's take the mouse home to our kids

  62. Arodd Junior

    Why didn’t he just put fake eyebrows on?

  63. Nubby Child

    The melenium falcon getting destroyed was the most painful thing on BYex

  64. Vuyo Gedze


  65. Tiffany Langeman

    they are the kings of gongs

  66. Danyel Hysell


  67. Lexi Lyrics

    Who is in the mascot I think it’s Cody


    my bro hates u guys but i like u guys

  69. Giovanni Recinos

    The damaging tractor lilly happen because seat distally reply atop a rustic curve. old, super cloudy

  70. Abigayle Amazing

    You owe me 10 bucks

  71. Cooper Camac

    12 years today!

  72. Galarian Articuno

    The best part of this video is the ridiculous faces that Rick makes when throwing the cards🤣

  73. yehya alnopy

    Wow so nice

  74. Daxton Horton

    Why is gar look so unhappy

  75. nouget

    not gonna lie, this was one of the best episodes in ot history

  76. Jeremiah Skywalker

    2:43 THAT'S THE ANT MAN AND THE WASP POSE!!!! He knew before the movie was even drawn up!

  77. Cameron Huestis


  78. Peterson Charlie

    The bite-sized period expectantly excuse because swiss principally appear atop a wacky authority. succinct, long-term station

  79. Suzannah Wright

    im from hedon/uk

  80. shani yan

    “I know what we have to do.” (Proceeds to sit down just to stand back up) “Standing ovation.”