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  1. Slimez

    6.45 he laught at a Dutch clip😂

  2. Matey Vasilovschi

    The fact that the new season is here and everybody is making like 3 episodes about the season and then making reaction videos, that killed the game and as you can see Sypher does that as well

  3. Spaxy

    Whoever added one village is a god

  4. Anoos0

    so uhh..prob nobody cares but Imma say all the ones I laughed at: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 10th, 18th, 20th, 23rd,30th and thats it lol

  5. Patrick Hearne

    Eso stream when?

  6. FakeGamer4027GG

    Awwwwww man only youtubers get skins. Sad.

  7. Roo Andrew

    screw family freindly

  8. Michael Linskey

    24 hours late SypherPK: I got the skins early

  9. fazar fazar58

    Syper, fortnites dead stop acting like it's still alive. It's to deep gone and the more Epic tried to fix the game, they make it worst, Instead of adding 1 kevin they added 8 cubes, causing the map to look like shit. We all used to play fortnite but it's to sweaty now

  10. Ego Crimson

    sypher which would make u more happy a metal umbrella collar or an icon skin?

  11. Kenneth Munoz

    dang 31 elims first game

  12. parzival

    imagine still playing fortnite lol

  13. Bryson Anderson

    The funny thing is is when he said this guy can’t keep getting away with this a lawyer ad show up on my screen

  14. Catal


  15. don't check the channel

    Im finally as good as sypher 😀

  16. Kraze 24

    I only like the thug pug

  17. imposingfoe

    i hate when people call sypher bad. maybe he isnt as mechanicly skilled as some people but atlest he is smart enough to know how to handle players that are more mechanically skilled and try to crackhead things

  18. Awais Raza

    Did someone realise PK is gaining weight again

  19. Rubiks Gaming CGZ/Grave

    Anyone else notice the woman voicing over the battlepass trailer is Salem from RWBY?


    6:38 is this a war happening or a commentary talking

  21. Caroline Schlecht

    Ay yo his keyboard sound like ay controller... anyone else think so??

  22. Sivaprasanth P.S

    in fortnite there is only sweats right now so I tried warzone and hackers are everywhere and I then tried apex and it is very hard to play but is still fun

  23. iLoveMyMk5 R32

    Just Subbed Due To Wingman Shots And Enjoying Apex!

  24. HA Ckhaos

    Still no video of the mythics? Lmao. Gg bro great video

  25. OverTime


  26. Conor Saini

    dude some of the vids aren't funny but when sypher laughs its hilarious

  27. KBDx Tokyo

    As a brand cross over. I feel like they could of done way better with the skins and items honestly. Just my opinion but they could of made the skins look way better. That dog skin with the sweater is trash. The sweater is fire. But the skin they put it on isn’t.

  28. CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    Noah: I have a gas can. Should I use it? Sypher: Yes next frame everything burning to the ground

  29. J M

    Has nothing to do with fuckin fortnite like your thumbnail suggests 😂🤦‍♂️ It’s the Warzone streamers coming over, and Warzone not having anti cheat. But go ahead and clickbait lol it’s all good

  30. Mamba Sensei

    So you can get random teammates in ranked now? Or the arena point glitch is still there?

  31. Seth_Andretti

    This collab a whole joke, great upload none the less, GG’s Pk

  32. Abdurrahman Khan

    Hey noahsnah is better than cd


    Who else wants metal umbrella X Fornite

  34. closls

    Sync arayn is requesting u too ship metal umbrella 2 india

  35. Ryan Taylor

    Your like a day late bro lols

  36. Beefy Stew

    2:38 POV: mom just yelled at you and you lock yourself in the bathroom and vent your anger on the curtains

  37. IsSnakes

    For the people that don’t know the last clip that guy forgot to turn off his voice changer

  38. Outrageous

    You’re my huge inspiration to start my own BYex channel ❤️

  39. Owen Ilias

    I already know who’s merch I’m getting for Christmas this year!! OBVIOUSLY MR PKS

  40. Superintendent Chalmers

    Sypherpk is a his denies (translate to Spanish)

  41. Isaak Arrona

    Muy easy

  42. Superintendent Chalmers

    With that villager one I’ve never heard or seen that video and I was exactly thinking 2 bread and he said 2 bread

  43. Haru Rock

    sypher: triee to picaxe his own manic skin manic: my time has come to shine ..... btw ggs nice 30 bomb win

  44. Aryan Sengupta Grade 3 Chrysanthemum

    Can I play with you


    Spitting faxs



  47. Austin Ubele

    This is the weirdest game I have ever seen . They were all bots and sypher was fat …

  48. Obviously not beluga

    Evry ytber: *video cursed*. evry ytuber:HAHAHAHAHAHhahHahahHhahahHahahHahHah

  49. RipL FX

    when u gonna restock the mastering hoodie plsssssssss

  50. Chris Howard

    80 bucks for a sweatshirt still isn't cheap bro

  51. nadith munasinghe

    wait can we now play arena public

  52. Ked Playz

    I played fortnite on pc for the first time and it was SO HARD my pc is kinda of old so its also laggy idk how you can play like that sypher but your insane keep up the good work :)

  53. Joel Hernandez

    1:00 be the grefg dance

  54. Carlos Steward

    What on earth is my guy clicking so hard 😅


    Waiting for metal umbrella and fortnite collab

  56. YungFlyxo

    "MUY EASY!" lmaoo

  57. Prince YYZ

    1:15 😂😂😂

  58. Kaden Barnes

    I don't have a Mike but I can chat with you ☺️

  59. Kaden Barnes

    I'm really good at the game if you want to ad me right iceCreamk

  60. Dzurotun Nafisah


  61. Orlando Rivera

    I know he did not say he is not helping with the green hat. It's a durag

  62. Spectre

    muy easy

  63. Adi Gujic

    Ggs Sypher

  64. Adi Gujic

    Can i get some skins

  65. Luke Largent

    “He’s gonna be an ART GENUIS” Me: now tell me sphyer what is an art genuis?

  66. SmokemUp

    They should take fall damage to when you grab them

  67. Monky

    Even Sypher knows the skins are mid

  68. Andrew Morales


  69. Andy Mckay

    Been playing about a week, since taking a break since season 5. Didn't even realise it had become popular again; I've just got a little burnt out with Fortnite atm. Really enjoying it!

  70. Zeoplx

    Was jack sick yesturday or... Your actually late

  71. shadows5697

    It’s been in the item shop for 2 days

  72. Sboi ;D

    2:09 me and my weird friends when we play Fortnite

  73. thesupererik08

    I hit five subs thank you so much

  74. Scarface

    I'm going to ratio people on Twitter

  75. Jean F**СК МЕ - СНЕCK MY РR0FILЕ


    1. Rebound Rides

      @Jason GameZ you realize you can upload whatever pic you want right? These channels aren’t real. Meaning it’s not that girls channel. Some scumbag typed “hott slut” in google and downloaded this pic to get clicks. Welcome to BYex 2021

    2. Rory Clarke

      He has a wife you know

    3. Jason GameZ

      @Rebound Rides NOT A KID LOOK AT THE PFP

    4. Naman Rajpal

      Its kinda "weird"

    5. Kjabe

      @Rebound Rides lol yea

  76. mj-chub

    This was really neat. Sypher is a great streamer. Been watching him for years. Keep it up

    1. leolonelion

      srsly I hate these bots

  77. EnriqDaGeek

    Muy easy 🤣

  78. KLizz1up

    literally 99% of you wont see this but God bless you and i hope everyone becomes successful 💙💙.