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  1. Baim Movix WahSi

    Bentar lagi menang

  2. Tran van Nhan

    the other player have to receive the ball to get a better condition to shoot , but with van persie he don't need it just 1 touch

  3. T official

    keren banget ganteng pula ❤❤❤❤

  4. 李偉論

    Thank to West Ham manager to let a bench player take the penalty

  5. Aditya Kshirsagar

    Love to see gea in world cup

  6. Ade Ahmad Mardani

    Glory glory Man. United !!!! Smoga musim ini juara UCL.

  7. Ipank Rzezniczhack 83

    Cristiano Ronaldo 🔥

  8. Bảo Phạm Ngọc

    Mkhitaryan, what a player, can't understand why Mou sell him to exchange Alexis, and now Mou coach him in As Roma :))

  9. Toni Georg

    Great goal by Fernandes

  10. su chauu

    miss Herrera

  11. ZE US

    2:55 Iconic PES

  12. Taraun Lekhi

    Imagine if Ronaldo & Cavani both played at the same time! 🤯



  14. Duc Vu Minh

    I just realized that Valencia is better at attacking than WBS LOL. That shows how bad at attacking our right wing is :(

  15. Sagar Patil

    Lingard is back...

  16. Zack Zickry

    This is the season when Man Utd win League / Carabao Cup and Europa League,no?? I wish Bastian stays at least till the end of the season instead of leaving in mid-season and get both medals,fans really loved him,he’s a proud Utd fans. Bastian,Edi..imagine having them at their prime,we wouldn’t be at this state for this long!

  17. yie _TW

    Right side...was prime valencia's territory.. No one can beat him.. Pure class!!

  18. Cah Kampang


  19. erik puka

    Can't believe Wayne Rooney is 9 months younger than Ronaldo and Ronaldo looks like he has another 5 great years left in him

  20. Faiz Pratama

    This was a game which Schweinsteiger had a really huge applause from the fans👏🏼

  21. Bagas Arifudin

    main mu sangarr

  22. ATD

    I think corner for UTD when ronaldo was fauled

  23. erik puka

    Wayne Rooney was a better defensive midfielder than Fred

  24. doni kasino

    Gg united from Probolinggo (Indonesia)

  25. Cyclone Arti


  26. erik puka

    Even after injuries and age ruined him and he was not nearly the same athlete anymore - Wayne Rooneys football IQ was always second to none. Ome of the smartest players I have ever seen. He could play every postion other than Goalkeeper and Defender(maybe could have played defender). And he could play it really well. He was playing CDM for England at one point and a winger under Van Gaal. Even a Semi- Fullback at 3-5-2. His problem was that he didn't keep his body in the best shape like for ex. Ronaldo and once he got to his 30s - it caught up to him quick. I can't believe he is 9 months younger than C.Ronaldo

  27. Cyclone Arti

    Wasn't Zlatan in PSG In 2016 ?

  28. Rabbits Media

    Respect Very fast comeback from Lingard ❤️

  29. Iworh Joy

    Rooney involvement in the first goal was lit

  30. Quy Bui

    Hàng thủ quá dở

  31. andi kaisar

    I like the way Herrera playing

  32. kunntz

    Scott Mctominnay is United's future captain.

  33. Bosunde Oyeyemi

    The team we want, but not the coach.

  34. Quy Bui

    Mu hàng công thì hay còn hàng thủ wa tệ

  35. Am

    Prime de gea was 10× what alisson, ter stegen and ederson were at their prime

  36. Callum Alston

    This is by far the happiest Pogba has ever looked at Utd

  37. T10 Marksman

    I miss Zlatan in MU

  38. Mert Ağaoğlu

    Deliğim büyük diyosun huh Scholes ?

  39. Niltu Vlogs

    by by martial, tnx for ur services

  40. firdaus ahmad

    Bastian,herrera,rooney,zlatan,valencia,micki.what a team we have 😳

  41. Hairul

    Maupay 😭😭😭

  42. Vireak YUTH

    2 goals from martial, hope he does that tonight

  43. Emmanuel Junior

    Welcome back cr 7

  44. Matthias Ng

    what a great game this was

  45. Hello. World

    I loved lingard goal ,,,,go Man U

  46. Kornel Mika

    Has it really been 5 years since Zlatan was playing for United? Wow

  47. Roger Chawngthu

    We sell Ander Herrera and buy Fred and let him play every game 🤢

  48. D

    the fact that we still need some luck to win games with so many beasts in the squad really tells you something !

  49. brebes mili

    Sekarang memuji...Suatu saat....mereka akan menghujat....habis habisan

  50. Abutsman

    We miss martial like this match

  51. Alfan Radit

    what a miki22

  52. Muharrem Çelebi


  53. Bamban g Sulistyono

    Mantap ada roney sama ada ibrahimzovic

  54. Winden Caves

    ✨️✨️Zlantan 🔥💞

  55. Mtho

    Alternative title : A Frenchman and Swedish lad bully some Londoners

  56. Yuli Anto

    CR7 jadi maskot legenda sepak bola di klub MU dan diseluruh dunia pesepak bola paling gacor.. abad ini.

  57. BLUR PK

    Ander herrera was on fire this ga,e

  58. Yogesh

    Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Rooney, Ronaldo, ,Ruud Van Nistelrooy have all played for United

  59. Imran Becks

    When Martial was relevant.

  60. DumDum Clip & Animation

    "If you can beat them, join them" -Welbz

  61. Jonathan

    Did we play about 20% quicker 5 years ago or what? Don't answer that.

  62. Bintang Putra Rachmad

    we win this cup bruh

  63. Ridho HFH

    Lord Ibra Is Back

  64. اوراس العراقي


  65. teipkep

    pretty sure they bought ronaldo more for the advertisement rather than his performance

  66. TEAM MICTER779

    Juan Gelman escribió: «Debí decir te amo. Pero estaba el otoño haciendo señas, clavándome sus puertas en el alma». ¿Cuáles son sus obras favoritas relacionadas con el otoño?

  67. Dillon Sarkar

    Mourinho’s Man U played better

  68. Memphis Osarfo Redeemer

    Basten Schwarsteiger 😍

  69. Agyei Maxwell.

    Much love from Ghana my best club Manchester United 🇬🇭❤🔥👊

  70. bekti wijianata

    that is martial? Number 11?, why he can play football in this video??! 😱

  71. Mr. Dm

    🙌🙌🙌🔥 ole 😘😘😘

  72. Chris

    Now Martial is being linked with a move away quite sad

  73. 🗽Hvrlem Jvmvicvn👑

    I can see Zlatan and Ronaldo playing together 🥺 but Zlatan will forever be remembered

  74. Adho Ismail

    Fred and jones out

  75. BDM Gaming Mobile

    Times when our Right Back used to "Burst Forward". Now our RB doesn't know anything about Crossing.

  76. YVKAAX

    GGMU 🔥


    Such a wonderful win and Zlatan always great as well as the rest.

  78. Panashe Waniwa

    dont know why this got recommended to me now

  79. Tipanee Namarin

    so proud of us

  80. Afif Sulaiman

    prime bastian schweinsteiger on our team right now would be a dream