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  1. Liam Farrell

    I named 5 well-known Asian-Americans in 10 seconds, and I don't even live in the US.

  2. DodgeThis 82

    JohnnyCare is still better than my current insurance.

  3. alemirdikson

    I'm a white male, and I've been a victim of malpractice three times... But I'm also autistic, so that's probably where the marginalization comes in. Regardless, the medical system, like literally every American system, is completely broken and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. This shit simply don't work.

  4. Arcade Invader

    4:23 how did he know o_0

  5. Daniel Hart

    Worked at a pool a long time ago, one of the head guards called 911 because a lady fell unconcious and wouldnt wake up. They were told that, since they had a record of showing up and NOT taking someone to a hospital, they refused to come.

  6. E_lizabethr !

    I can’t tell if this video is actually funny or if I’m just really tired

  7. joannakathleenn

    Ok but is that Martin Sheen narrating the China documentary??? Why??

  8. vn1110

    I can't look at Judge Kavanaugh without thinking of Matt Damon

  9. Tim Walkey

    That is the most Newt Gingrich idea.

  10. Hailee L

    I now want the redone version of this especially because of COVID making MLMs exceedingly "popular" (and about the LuLaRoe controversy too)

  11. K H

    I know you're just having fun and I'm being a wet blanket... but dropping trash from the sky is actually a really terrible idea for the environment. Balloons are a good example.

  12. Daniel MIeleniewski

    Erhm I do not question moon landing, I do no question 9/11 I do not believe in UFO. I do question my choice to use medicine or not. I do not care about 0,016% of fatalities. I do care about 100% freedom

  13. Thelonius Punk

    Lukashenko is good

  14. Thelaughingcat

    Just disgusting....What's wrong with your legal system America?!

  15. Courtney Watkins

    You either not move them OR aren't allowed to move to a land you bought

  16. Jim Tooby

    Hey! Samsung isn't that take care. 😎🤘🍻

  17. PHATBLOOD666

    time to do a creepyjoe video like ya trump one hmmmmmmmm

  18. Evan G

    Audience and the unnecessary clapping are back yay

  19. asmit317ify

    It's funny, but Advil is not the same drug as ibuprofen

  20. Courtney Watkins

    No actual it's a good comparison because you go to the BMV to get your title to the trailer

  21. Thomas Robert Kunze

    Tweet it talk it put it in your pocket haha 😄 😆 🤣 😂 😅 😜 😄 😆 🤣

  22. TimesNewLogan

    Twenty goddamn years, and we didn’t do ANY nation-building? What the hell was all our money going towards?!

  23. Friends of The Amazon Jungle

    Jonnie Boy...... we were there because of TUPI

  24. Adam Palm

    In Oregon if you become involved in an assault (even just to try to stop it) you can be charged with assault yourself. I'll stay in my own lane. Ty.

  25. Dre Shoe Cooking

    The trashy decision corroboratively wave because belt oppositely carve in a efficient clef. languid, gorgeous steven

  26. Jamie Zipfel

    You could rename the show "And Another Thing Reagan Fucked Up", and otherwise change nothing.

  27. Ken Wells

    Let's have your team cover the slave trade at the southern border.

  28. Mohamed Ali

    Funny that the people who helped the Americans didn't get the help they needed while a donkey got treated well even better than humans. We have a saying in Egypt which is "who is covered by America is naked "

  29. Gerbert Derbert

    Satan worshiping deepstate globalist here

  30. Derk Cast

    LOL i was just thinking about this episode.... sigh 6 yrs later and look where we are.... Trudeau turned out to be just another flawed politician with good intentions but covered in scandals (so many scandals) a minority gov't which means it will take even longer to get things done oh! and Canada now has its own far right anti-vaxx group.

  31. Fadi Albouni

    If you told me all the photos shown of lukashenko were dr phill I’d believe it

  32. Von Doom

    Thanks to Joe Biden. More terrorists own fully automatic rifles than US citizens. I'm done hearing gun control propositions from this guy.

  33. Nai 2013

    Bill Barr is what Inspector Javert would be in the 21st century.

  34. Monki

    Welp I realized that the location of Belarus was wrong but was way off on my guess to where it actually was 😂

  35. Foxy Flames

    Hes a clown acting out a part. Just a dumb sell out.

  36. J Johnston


  37. Red Skywalker

    TC is better than your show any day...go do stand up !!

  38. Llynnyia

    Please do an episode on the TX bs abortion ban, with actual scientific facts.

  39. William Browne

    I did want to point out that Moneyball was a Sports movie where the hero was an executive.

  40. Streeter

    81 million radical conservative christians in this country.. Im just glad there are 200 million that are not.. Now if the government will do what its supposed to do and tax these MFers into nonexistence, televangelism will go away and we can get back to normal people going to normal church and worship unnatural phenomenon that doesnt exist on any planar level.. These televangelists are fucking criminals who use peoples faith against them, how are they not seeing this? People should be angry if anyone told them give me 1000 dollars because your faith ordains it!!! Id say GFY and kiss my ass, there is no way Im giving anyone 1000 dollars for anything ever.

  41. VargVikernes4Pres

    So many years of listening to hip hop thinking being a real motherfucker was a good thing. At the very least I know what they were talking about all this time

  42. Juan Manuel Pérez Porrúa

    Bears. Beets. Second Amendment.

  43. Richard Louis

    And Pete Rose is banned from the HOF, total bullshite and completely shambolic SMH

  44. skeptile

    When I saw "pear flower anal plug" I was REALLY hoping it wasn't what I thought it was... It was. That was literally a torture device in the dark ages. What the fuck, humanity?

  45. Pumfee Thermodynamics

    Lukashenko bad, but the "democratic opposition" protests even worse. The democratic opposition is pro-west and socially far-right.

  46. Rod H

    Duterte's promises aged and gone senile like him.

  47. ApeBrainBoy

    I was curious so I googled if rabbits could be gay, apparently lots of animals can be gay/bi.

  48. TheMrrccava

    Imma say John Oliver is the only one who went through the at home late shows with any real tact and seriousness. Everyone else is just so bad.

  49. Shelli Blossom

    my rule of thumb if someone uses the words magical or miracle medicine/cure dont believe them

  50. Shadowsof saints

    Hey I was there for the bear mace. Was my first day which I got written up for not meeting numbers. Fuck that

  51. Callum Stewart

    Hey it's Connor Ratliffe! Unexpected!

  52. idontusenumbers

    The four seasons reference aged even better than expected.

  53. daniel job

    I really need to renew my ambulance coverage. For $160 I get unlimited rides in an ambulance for 12 months! USA really is a 'developing' country!

  54. shrews bury


  55. Thomas Robert Kunze

    You are not being tried by common sense you are being tried by a jury

  56. Garrett Kraniak

    Cancer patients won't commit crimes, yet that's the EXACT premise of Breaking Bad. So...

  57. Montgomery Cross

    John Oliver went from being funny to a non-funny propaganda tool. A tool.

  58. Rahul Dey

    Oh no.. who is typing for him.. god hel p

  59. Felipe Maira

    I went to a talk where they used the tape😅

  60. Henry Saiz

    The description of Steve Bannon is SO acurated and funny im dying here haha 20:08

  61. Josh Toulmin

    How are Republicans so bad at being corrupt? It’s literally 90% of their job

  62. Julia L

    I hate John Oliver now and I think he's a traitor, but I totally enjoyed this segment. Had a lot of fun. Still believe Alex Jones. But can't lie, this segment fixed my mood.

  63. Michal Skorupa

    Man voting for truedue was a fucking mistake

  64. Shady Mello

    The "not horse" part has aged like fine wine 🤣🤣🤣

  65. Mike Robidoux

    Sold out of 10,000 bears in less than a week. Dammit.

  66. D P

    John Oliver gets more disturbed with racism than hearing about torture

  67. Matthew Kowalski

    Curious what Oliver thinks of AEW?

  68. Megan Holian

    Do you guys remember when he only had $118 billion? Hes up to $200 billion now and he just went to space.... I hate it here

  69. gmoss101

    "A Run the Jewels listening party that nobody wants" Uhhhh I would love a RTJ listening party

  70. Pretty Guardian


  71. Timothy Das

    6:40 which one of the writers won the bounty for tricking John into saying “big butt”?

  72. KickAHobo

    Is a whopperrito a real thing? I want one.

  73. doug keyes

    You totally can blame companies John yet do not blame the farmers who procure it I'm not talking about mom-and-pop companies I'm talking about companies like DelMonte, Dole, Green Giant etc. Hell they're probably owned all by the same company you can absolutely fault companies who make more than $1,000,000 because their wastelessness is quite literally killing our planet

  74. Steven Campbell

    As LePage is trying to be governor again: Fuck that man Mainers deserve better